Procedure for Evaluating Oral Presentations

The Oral Award Program was developed to upgrade the quality of presentations at SAE technical sessions by recognizing outstanding speakers. It is felt that presentation quality will be improved if oral presentations are evaluated and the results are made known to the speakers. This procedure provides a mechanism for evaluation and optional feedback to the speaker upon his/her request.

All speakers making "oral only" presentations or oral presentations of written technical papers at technical meetings sponsored solely or jointly by SAE are eligible for award consideration. Neither panelists who are involved primarily in group discussion nor prepared discussers should be evaluated.

Members of the audience will be asked to serve as evaluators. Their evaluations should be assessments of what occurs at the time of the presentations and not of any papers that may be prepared in conjunction with them.

1. Organization

    1.1 Approximately two months before the presentation, each speaker will receive a letter from the session organizer stating that the oral presentation will be evaluated as part of the Oral Awards program of SAE. A copy of the Rating Form will be attached. The author will be informed in that letter that a summary of the audience evaluation will be available, on request, from the session organizer approximately one month after the Meeting.

    1.2 Two weeks before the meeting, every session organizer will receive an envelope for each session for which he/she is responsible. Each envelope will contain 25 Rating Forms, a Nomination Form, and a copy of EMB-P43.

    1.3 The Session Organizer is responsible for listing the participants' names on the Rating Forms in the order in which they will be speaking and for delegating someone to distribute and collect the Rating Forms during the sessions.

    1.4 The session chairperson will read the following statement to the audience from the podium at the start of the session:

    “SAE has established an Award for Excellence in Oral Presentation. Its purpose is to encourage high quality in technical presentations by recognizing outstanding speakers. It is intended that only those making unusually good presentations should receive this special recognition.

    Some of you have been asked to complete Rating Forms. Please rate only the presentations themselves and not the technical papers. The assistant chairperson will collect the forms from you as you leave. These ratings will serve as a basis for nominating speakers to receive the SAE Award for Excellence in Oral Presentation. The conscientious efforts of the evaluators and everyone involved with this program are sincerely appreciated.

    Finally, if at any time you cannot hear, please raise your hand immediately so we can correct the situation.”

    1.5 At the end of each session, all of the session officers who were in attendance (including the chairperson, assistant chairperson, and organizer) should review the Rating Forms and indicate whether or not they wish to nominate any speaker(s) for oral awards on the Nomination Form.

    The envelope containing the Nomination Form and the Rating Forms is then turned in to the SAE office at the meeting or mailed to SAE headquarters.

    1.6 A copy of the Nomination Form from each session (whether or not a speaker was nominated) will be forwarded to the activity chairperson by SAE staff. The final decision on selection of the oral award recipients rests with the activity chairperson. He/she is responsible for implementing review of the Nomination Forms by the appropriate committee chairperson or activity vice-chairperson in his/her activity and designating oral award recipients. Once selections are made, the activity chairperson must advise the administrator of the Session Evaluation Program so that award certificates can be prepared. This should be done as soon as practical after each session. All recipients should be designated by year-end and award certificates prepared so that they can be presented as soon as convenient.

2. Calculating Overall Presentation Scores

    The overall presentation score reported on the nomination form for each presenter is the overall rating score shown on the bottom line of each Rating Form. Please do not use the figures on other lines for this purpose.

3. Guidelines for Selecting Oral Award Recipients

    Since the major purpose of the Oral Award Program is to upgrade the quality of technical presentations, it is recommended that less than 5% of the oral presenters in any one year should receive oral awards. Generally, a "total average score" less than 8.0 will not place the presentation in the top 5% category.

4. Presentation of the Award

    The activity chairperson is also responsible for informing each award-winning speaker and his/her immediate superior of the award and arranging for its presentation. EMB encourages activity chairpersons to present the awards at technical sessions, activity meetings, local SAE section meetings or at the winner's place of employment. If none of these options is practical, the activity chairperson may elect to mail the award with a cover letter with a copy to the recipient's superior.

5. Disclosure of Results

    5.1 Activity chairpersons are encouraged to use the evaluation data in activity meetings to improve the quality of their sessions. However, appropriate steps should be taken to ensure that the specific data associated with individual speakers not be disclosed beyond those individuals with a need to know.

    5.2 The session organizer can obtain data on the performance of individual speakers from SAE staff to feed back to those who have requested this information.

6. Special Recognition for Multiple Oral Award Winners

    The Engineering Meetings Board gives special recognition to those individuals who have received the Oral Presentation Award more than twice.

    The winner(s) will be announced and may receive their award during the Honors Convocation at the SAE International Congress. A special trophy will be given to the individual, and an article will be written for SAE UPdate.

    To qualify for the award the individual must meet the following criteria:

    1. The individual must have won the Oral Presentation Award three times.

    2. This Award will be designated on the trophy as "Withrow Distinguished Speaker."

        Approved - October 1972
        Revised - September 1984
        Editorial Revisions - October 1990

(XIII.B Attachment 7)