Call for Papers

2005 SAE World Aerospace Congress

The 2005 SAE World Aerospace Congress (WAC) will be held as part of the SAE AeroTech Congress & Exhibition, October 3-6, 2005, at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport Area, Texas, USA. The World Aviation Congress provides a forum for the international aircraft design, development, operations and research communities to meet and to communicate across traditional organizational boundaries. The program will integrate technical sessions, panel discussions, and industry forums. Conference attendees will represent industry, academia, and government and will include engineers, scientists, designers, managers, operators, educators, and students.

The planning committee is seeking abstracts for the following sessions. The committee will also consider abstracts on other topics related to the scope of this conference.

CommitteeSession CodeSession TitleOrganizer
Acoustics, Dynamics & VibrationWAC01Vibration and Noise ControlThomas Lago
AerodynamicsWAC03Aerodynamics Design Chet Nelson, Steve Bauer
WAC05Aircraft Icing Reuben Chandrasekharan
WAC08Experimental AerodynamicsGeorge Howell, Michael Papadakis
WAC10General Aerodynamics Kamran Rokhsaz
WAC12Handling Qualities Analysis through Simulation Jack Terpstra, Kahtan Awni
WAC14Innovative Methods in Design Dimitri Mavris
WAC19Supersonic Business Jets & AirlinersDimitri Mavris
Control & GuidanceWAC21Control and Guidance SystemsDave Bodden
Human Behavioral TechnologyWAC22Perspective Flight GuidanceRyan Wilkins
WAC23Synthetic/Enhanced VisionRyan Wilkins
WAC65Realistic TrainingJim Ward
Information SciencesWAC24Artificial IntelligenceJorge Bardina
WAC25Automated Software Engineering/ ReasoningDeepak Kulkarni
WAC26 Autonomy for Aerospace SystemsJames Urnes, Sr.
WAC27Business IntelligenceJorge Bardina
WAC28Case-Based ReasoningMichael Hadjimichael
WAC29Cognitive ModelingJorge Bardina
WAC30 Collaborative & Distributed EnvironmentsJosé Sepúlveda
WAC31Data MiningRajkumar
WAC32Distributed Constraint ReasoningMichael Hadjimichael
WAC33Embedded Reasoning/Evolvable SystemsSteve Rogers
WAC34Fuzzy Logic and Decision SystemsRajkumar
WAC35Immunity-Based SystemsDipankar Dasgupta
WAC36 Independent Components Analysis and ApplicationsMichelle Kirby
WAC37Shared Situation AwarenessDeepak Kulkarni
WAC38Intelligent Multi-Agent SystemsJorge Bardina
WAC39Intelligent Software Engineering/ SystemsLuis Rabelo
WAC40Intelligent/Adaptive Control & DiagnosticsLuis Rabelo
WAC41Knowledge Management/AcquisitionTania Bedrax-Weiss
WAC42Model-Based ReasoningMichael Hadjimichael
WAC43Modeling & Simulation of Aerospace OperationsJorge Bardina
WAC44Multimodal InterfacesKim Binsted
WAC45Neural Networks and Genetic AlgorithmsRajkumar
WAC46Principal Component Analysis and ApplicationsMichelle Kirby
WAC47 Robotics/Planning/SchedulingTania Bedrax-Weiss
WAC48 Spatio-temporal ReasoningMichael Hadjimichael
WAC49Virtual RealityCecilia Aragon
Military A/CWAC50Hypersonic (High-Speed) John Anderson
WAC51J-UCASIris Curtis
WAC52Military Air LiftJohn Anderson
WAC53Long-Range StrikePaul Bevilaqua
WAC54UEET Dale Southwick
WAC55VAATE Bill Koop
Space Transportation & HypersonicsWAC56Panel: The Impact of Supersonic Transports in a Global EconomyBob Mercure
WAC57Panel: Program Assessment Approaches to Define/Identify R&D InvestmentsBob Mercure
Commercial Transport A/CWAC59Personal TransportationBranko Sarh
WAC60Advanced Composites Manufacturing TechnologiesDavid Zornes
WAC61Fire Safety/Material TechnologyDarsh Aggarwal; Sham Hariram
WAC62Metal and Metal CompositesAmitabh Vyas
WAC63Power Plant and Propulsion TechnologyDarsh Aggarwal
WAC64Thermoplastics and Thermoplastic CompositesGeorge Husman

Abstracts should be 300-500 words in length, present facts that are new and significant, and should include results achieved, if applicable. Abstracts, including paper title, author name(s), mailing address, telephone number, facsimile number, and email address, should be submitted online no later than March 11, 2005.

Abstract deadline March 11, 2005
Draft manuscript deadlineMay 27, 2005
Final manuscript deadlineAugust 5, 2005

Details about the conference will be announced and updated on SAE's website at as information becomes available.