Call for Papers

2008 SAE Wichita Aviation Technology Congress & Exhibition
August 19-21, 2008
Century II Convention Center
Wichita, Kansas

Please contact the SAE staff contact listed below to submit an abstract.

Abstracts should be 300-500 words in length, present facts that are new and significant, and should include results achieved, if applicable.

The biennial SAE Wichita Aviation Technology Conference formerly known as the General Aviation Technology Conference will be held at the Century II Convention Center in Wichita Kansas, August 19-21, 2008. This conference will highlight Aviation technology in transition, focusing on past successes, ongoing efforts and existing or perceived future impediments to fielding new technologies from the user perspective. The focus of the conference and the theme of the senior management panel discussions is the integration of glass cockpits into all forms of civil aircraft including rotorcraft. The conference planning committee intends to provide a forum that not only addresses the most recent technical achievements, but will also provide a mechanism for the technology and user communities to work together to ease the process of bringing these technologies to fruition. In order to provide more opportunities for technology transition and networking, the planning committee has assembled a diverse group of government and industry leaders to organize the technical program.

The planning committee under Technical Program Chair, Willem Anemaat, President, DAR Corporation, is seeking abstracts for the following sessions. The committee will also consider abstracts on other topics related to the scope of this conference.

General Aerodynamics
Aerodynamic Design
Stability and Control, Flying Qualities
Design Processes, Software
Fuels & Lubes
Flight Test
Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)
Very Light Jets and Light Jets (VLJ, LJ)
Personal Air Vehicles
Aging Aircraft, Airworthiness
FAA Update
Emerging Technologies
Avionics, Glass Cockpit Revolution
Accident Investigation/Air Safety
Legal/Product Liability and the Engineer
Computational Fluid Dynamics
In-flight Icing
Flight Simulation
Flying Cars
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Human Factors

Staff Contact:
Joanna Curtis
Conference Service Representative
SAE International
Phone: 724-772-4009
Fax: 724-776-1830