Networking Reception: A Celebration of Pioneers — Past and Future

Sergei Sikorsky Keynote Address: Sergei Sikorsky

Imagine if you could have been there the day Igor Sikorsky flew his VS-300 or watched him chatting about aviation with Charles Lindbergh and Eddie Rickenbacker in your living room. What would it have been like to fl y around with Sikorsky (in his suit and tie, homburg hat plumped squarely on his head) in the first practical helicopter? Attendees of this event will get a glimpse of those pioneering days of aviation from Igor Sikorsky's son in a special presentation "Recollections of a Pioneer" preceding our Networking Reception.

Pioneers of the future
Who could be the next aerospace icon? SAE's A World In Motion´┐Ż Program and EAA's Young Eagles program could be working with that person right now. Both programs are designed to introduce school age children to the exciting world of aviation and engineering. Representatives from both organizations will make a brief presentation after the keynote presentation.