Special Events

Tuesday, August 19th

Tour - Hawker Beechcraft Manufacturing Plant

AME Consortium
2:00 p.m.
The AME consortium is composed of four different institutions. El Camino College is the lead institution with Purdue, Oregon Institute of Technology and Cowley College in Wichita all being members.

Wednesday, 20th

Top Management Panel - Integration of Glass Cockpits into Commercial Aircraft

Forest R. McFarland Award Presentation

Networking Reception: A Celebration of Pioneers — Past and Future

Career Fair
Exhibit Hall during Exhibit hours
The Career Fair will feature employers looking to hire engineers from the general aviation community. Take full advantage of the opportunity to meet face-to-face with the employers looking to hire experienced engineers, other technical professionals, and managers.

Wednesday, August 20 & Thursday, August 21

A World in Motion
Exhibit Hall during Exhibit hours
For the first time WATC will host SAE's A World in Motion� program. This K-12 Education program joins together teachers, students, and industry volunteers in an exploration of physical science while addressing essential mathematic and scientific concepts and skills. Stop by to learn more about the AWIM program or go to www.awim.org for more details.