Advanced High Strength Steels for Vehicle Weight Reduction
I.D. # C0916 Duration 2 Days

Growing environmental awareness, the need for more fuel efficient vehicles, and safety performance are driving vehicle manufacturers to explore new innovations in Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS). The body of a modern passenger car constitutes approximately 40% of the total vehicle weight and the chassis frame constitutes up to 25% of the total weight, demonstrating a significant opportunity for overall vehicle weight reduction. Advanced High Strength Steels have only recently been applied to vehicle design and usage, but predictions have been made that future vehicles (i.e., 10 years out) could be using greater than 50% AHSS for up to a 25% weight advantage at equal or less cost, versus current body and chassis structures.

This seminar will focus on identifying appropriate applications of AHSS in the body and chassis for vehicle weight reduction. Recent steel applications will be presented, including factors which contributed to the appropriateness of using Advanced High Strength Steel versus mild steels or Conventional High Strength Steels (CHSS). Advantages of AHSS, as well as obstacles that may impede its use will be covered. Relative performance of alternate materials for weight reduction, particularly aluminum alloys, will be explored. A number of examples from industry will be presented to demonstrate the types of analyses which will have to be performed to lead to successful applications of AHSS. Extensive reference will be made to advanced analysis and testing methods without going into the details of the methodology. Finally, a future roadmap of AHSS applications will be presented.

Learning Objectives
By attending this seminar, you will be able to:
  • Specify which key steel parts are candidates for conversion to Advanced High Strength Steels
  • Implement strategies for overcoming the impediments to AHSS utilization
  • Select vehicle architectural elements to accommodate AHSS
  • Compare AHSS with other light weighting materials and strategies
  • Assess where your products are with respect to the most up-to-date steel strategies
Who Should Attend
This seminar is designed for any automotive or automotive supplier engineer who needs to expand his/her knowledge of alternative steels. The content is broadly applicable to body/chassis design release engineers, engineering support (e.g., safety, testing, CAE, etc.) engineers, research engineers, and low/middle engineering management.
Participants should have an engineering degree and several years of automotive engineering experience.
Seminar Content
  • Steel Usage: Background and Status
    • Steel categorization and mechanical properties
    • Drivers of AHSS -- Safety enhancement; Demands for improved fuel economy; Cost reduction/avoidance; Environmental responsibility; Dentabiltiy/durability improvements
    • Snap shot of potential future usage
  • Impediments and Enablers for the Successful Utilization of AHSS
    • Formability and springback
    • Welding
    • Fatigue and durability
    • Role of CAE in successful implementation -- Retention of stiffness; Accurate safety simulation
    • Material variability
    • Serviceability and repair
  • Alternate Materials and Strategies
    • Materials overview
    • Steel for affordable weight reduction
    • Class exercise in fundamental mechanics
    • Lambda factor
  • AHSS Procurement & Availability
    • Steelmaking processes for AHSS
    • AHSS cost inputs
    • Productivity, quantity and order quantity considerations
    • AHSS and carbon steel pricing comparisons
    • Availability constraints - coated sheet steels, grades, cross sections
    • Recommendations for specifying and purchasing
  • Case Studies for the Application of AHSS
    • IMPACT Project
    • FABRICATE project
    • Auto/Steel Partnership - door project
  • Part by Part AHSS Conversion Strategies
    • Body
    • Chassis
Instructor(s): Paul E. Geck and Richard J. Cover
Mr. Geck is currently an independent consultant specializing in advanced high strength steels. Previously employed by Ford Motor Company, Mr. Geck specialized in several areas including Computer Aided Engineering, Noise, Vibration and Harshness, both as a testing and CAE expert, and vehicle weight reduction with an emphasis in steel selection. Administratively, Mr. Geck served in several managerial and technical specialist roles. He was recognized as the Ford steel expert and chaired the Auto/Steel Partnership (A/SP) and the internal Advanced High Strength Steel Strategy Team. Mr. Geck has a B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, a M.S. in Engineering Mechanics, and an M.B.A., all from the University of Michigan.

Mr. Cover is currently President of Richard J. Cover & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in metals and materials engineering, investment analysis and market research. He previously worked for General Motors as the Global Commodity Manager-Steel and Manager of Supplier Quality-Steel for North American Metal Fabricating. Prior to joining General Motors, Mr. Cover spent over twenty years with LTV Steel in positions including Director of Marketing and Technical Services, Manager of Automotive Marketing, District Sales Manager-Automotive, and Manager of Automotive Technology. He also has experience in ferrous metallurgy research, reinforced plastics and test instrumentation. Mr. Cover has a B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering, a M.S. in Metallurgy and Materials Science, and a Master of Business Administration, all from the University of Pittsburgh.
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