Russian SAE Members Organize Successful Seminar

Standards and quality was the topic of a Moscow seminar for SAE members on June 14. 2000. Nearly 50 engineers heard presentations by eight speakers. The purpose of the seminar was to increase awareness of state-of-the-art principles for achieving quality and to exchange ideas on the use of standards in Russia.

A featured speaker was Mr. Korovkin, newly promoted to Vice-Chairman of Gosstandart. Mr. Korovkin noted that customers have a right to request increased quality. He also spoke on the need for organizations to meet not only compulsory standards but also non-compulsory standards such as ISO 9000 and QS 9000 standards and other industry standards. He extended an offer to increase cooperation with SAE and to seek agreement to develop common standards between Gosstandard and SAE.

On the topic of regulations, Mr. Korovkin noted that Russia must become in compliance with world regulations. He noted that Gosstandard is well on the way to harmonizing its standards with recognized regulations, especially EU.

Other speakers noted that in a competitive market, it is the customer who determines what is good quality. Engineers, standards experts, marketing professionals and managers must interpret and transform the customer expectations into standards. OEMs must meet the expectations of consumers and suppliers must meet or exceed the standards of the OEMs. Managers and all employers must be dedicated to meeting or exceeding all standards for organizations to be successful.

This was the third seminar organized by SAE members in Russia. Dr. Ivan P. Ksenevitch, SAE consultant in Russia, promised more seminars will be held for SAE members and solicited suggestions for upcoming ones.