SAE Sections Board

How to Get Involved

The Sections Board has a nominating committee comprised of five board members. This committee meets twice a year in conjunction with the Sections Board/operating committee meetings. Their purpose is to review applications for Sections Board membership that are solicited by the Sections Board and submitted by sections and individual SAE members. In addition, SAE members are welcome to self-nominate themselves for the Sections Board.

Sections Board member qualifications include past section leadership (or ability to show evidence of volunteer leadership in another capacity in the case of individuals coming from countries where no section exists), ability and financial means to attend two meetings per year, and a time commitment to complete assigned tasks that result from Sections Board meetings.

The Sections Board also welcomes at-large member participation on its committees, as needed. For example, the International Activities Committee requires a balanced global representation. Since the Sections Board has only a few members with global background, at-large members with global expertise and background are recruited to round out the composition of the committee, ensuring that it will establish programs and activities that will best serve the needs of SAE members globally.

Anyone interested in participating on the Sections Board, or as an at-large member of a Sections Board committee, should contact the SAE Section Relations or an officer of an SAE section to obtain more information.