SAE Sections Board

Purpose and Structure

The Sections Board provides guidance to SAE’s network of sections in meeting the technical needs of their members and serves the SAE Board of Directors in an advisory capacity on policy matters relating to section and student activities. The Sections Board supports SAE’s Vision, its ENDs and their sub-ends, and the Sections Board Program Plan, which details activities the Sections Board will undertake to work toward achieving its part of the vision.

The Sections Board complies with the SAE’s Governance Policy Manual. In addition to supporting SAE’s Vision, ENDs, and sub-ends, the Sections Board respects the limitations imposed on it by the Board of Directors. The Sections Board also has its own governance document, theSections Board Rules and Regulations, which directs the Sections Board in all areas of operation, including its objectives, responsibilities, organization, meetings, amendments, and appeals procedures.

There are 16 voting Sections Board members. Each year, five members begin a three-year term on the Board. The Board is led by the chair, who actually serves a four-year term--the first year as a member of the Sections Board, second year as Sections Board Vice Chair, third year as Sections Board Chair, and an additional year as Sections Board Past Chair.

The Sections Board is supported by the SAE Membership, Section & Chapter Programs staff. Staff prepare meeting announcements, agendas, and minutes, and ensure that recorded action items are addressed.

Sections Board members have generally served as chairs of their sections, except in the case of some international Board members who come from countries where there are currently no SAE sections.

The Sections Board holds meetings twice annually. These meetings are usually held in April during SAE’s World Congress & Exhibition and in the fall at various locations. During the meetings, the Sections Board ensures that action items from previous meetings are addressed and they establish action plans and goals based on the feedback they receive from their customers, which is obtained through many sources such as surveys, letters, etc. The Sections Board addresses new trends and establishes the general direction for the entire Board, ensuring the Board and its programs and activities are in harmony with the direction and ENDs established by SAE’s Board of Directors. Section officers are welcome to attend the Sections Board meetings.