Operational Plan


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This 1st generation version of the new online plan must be finished in one sitting, so you may want to print a blank copy for reference.  We are planning a “save my progress” feature in a future version.

STEP 1: Section Plan (to be completed and sent to SAE International by October 1 of each year)

This past year, the SAE International Sections Board eliminated the shorter, "EZ" planning document, so all sections are now required to complete the entire Operational Plan.

If you need additional information to complete a segment, click the icon to the left of the segment title.

Segment A: Governing Board and Section Officers (Total Achievable Base Points: 10; Bonus Points: 0)
A.1. Is the Officer list on your SAE Section web site accurate and current?

Do you have additional information? (optional)
Y   N
Attach updated roster:
Segment B: Financial Plan (Total Achievable Base Points: 12; Bonus Points: 0)
B.1. Will your section comply with the Financial Reserve Guideline? Y   N
B.2. Will your section have at least two officers with check signing authority? (In the event the section treasurer is unable to perform his/her duties for some reason, another individual would have access to the sections books and checking accounts, etc.) (Note: each section is required to have a CHAIR and a TREASURER both should be authorized to sign section checks.) Y   N
B.3. What audit process does your section plan to use this year? Chair and Treasurer/ Governing Board review
Independent outside auditor reviews
B.4. Will your section make a contribution to the SAE Foundation this year?
Y   N
Segment C: Section Programs (Total Achievable Base Points: 40; Bonus Points: 10)
Segment C.1: Key to column definitions.
C.1. Projected Attendance Chart Mtg Prof Dev Tour YM Actvty Other
Number of activities planned for this section
Average attendance target predicted
Total Average Target (weighted average of the averages)
C.1.1 Attach additional document:
Sections can earn up to an additional ten (10) bonus points by attaching a complete list of the section's entire year's programs and activities. This list should include the meeting dates, locations, topics, speakers, tours, and any other additional events for the entire section year.
Segment D: Operations (Total Achievable Base Points: 60; Bonus Points: 24)
D.1. How many Governing Board meetings will you hold this year?
D.2. What is your target percentage for Younger Members on your governing board and committees this year? %
D.3. Are you planning any special activities for Younger Members? Y   N
D.4. Are you planning to have a Company Representative Program this year? Y   N
D.5. Do you plan to promote membership in the coming year? Y   N
D.6. Will you nominate an Outstanding Younger Member this year? Y   N
D.7. Will you nominate an Outstanding Section Member this year? Y   N
D.8.1 Will your section nominate candidates for SAE President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and/or Board of Directors this year? Y   N
D.9. Is A World in Motion (AWIM) being utilized in your section?
Y   N
D.9.1 Will your section participate in AWIM in the coming year? Y   N
D.10. Will your section participate in any math and science activities other than AWIM this coming year? Y   N
D.11. Will your section hold an activity that will involve student members this coming year? Y   N
D.12. Will your section encourage student participation at your meetings? (Examples might be: discounted meals, special recognition, attendance incentives or promotions) Y   N
D.13. Will your section appoint a student member on the governing board? Y   N
D.14. Will your section sponsor or assist local student chapters with any SAE Collegiate Design Series competitions (such as Baja SAE, Formula SAE, Aero Design) or other small-scale student competitions this coming year? Y   N
D.15. Will your section provide career assistance for your members and students this coming year? Y   N
D.16. Will your section solicit company support for section activities this coming year? Y   N
D.17.1 Will your section select a speaker from the "" target="_blank">Section Speaker Bureau" (SSB)? Y   N
D.17.2 Will your section hold a training seminar, with a topic/speaker selected from the "" target="_blank">Section Speaker Bureau" (SSB)? Y   N
Segment E. Leadership Development (Total Achievable Base Points: 10 ; Bonus Points: 4)
E.1.1 Will your section send at least one officer to the Section Officers Leadership Seminar (SOLS) this coming year? Y   N
E.1.2 Will your section send an additional officer to SOLS this coming year (sponsored by the section)? Y   N
E.2. Will your section receive feedback from your SOLS representative(s), and implement the information learned at SOLS? Y   N
E.3. Will your section hold any other leadership development activities this coming year? Y   N
Segment F. Communications (Total Achievable Base Points: 48 ; Bonus Points: 10)
F.1.1 What methods will your section use to communicate with your membership in the coming year? How far in advance of scheduled meetings?
F.1.2. Do you plan to post events to the provided SAE International hosted website?
Y   N
F.2. How do you plan to communicate with the students in your section in the coming year?
Please list/describe:
Segments F.3.1, F.3.2, and F.3.3 information.
F.3.1 Do you plan to notify all section members announcing your governing board meetings? Y   N
F.3.2 Will you post agendas for your governing board meetings on your section website this year? Y   N
F.3.3 Do you plan to post your governing board meetings minutes to your website? Y   N
F.4.1 Do you plan to mail or email a copy of your governing board minutes to SAE Headquarters? Y   N
F.4.2 Do you plan to mail or email a copy of your technical meeting announcements to SAE Headquarters in the coming year? Y   N
F.5.1 Do you plan to conduct any public awareness campaigns in the coming year (such as the safety belt and safety seat campaign, National Engineers Week, etc.)? (Bonus points) Y   N
F.5.2 Do you plan to get media coverage for your sections activities this year? (Bonus points) Y   N
  Segment G. Future Planning (Total Achievable Base Points: 10 ; Bonus Points: 2)
G.1. Do you have a long range (3-5 yr) plan?
Y   N
G.2. Will your section have a long-range planning committee in the coming year? Y   N
G.3. Does your section have a plan for the succession of officers, or do you plan to develop a plan in the coming year? Y   N
Segment H. Supplemental (Total Achievable Base Points: 0 ; Bonus Points: 6)
H.1. List below any additional activities, events, or other actions that your section is planning in the coming year that are not covered elsewhere in the Operations Plan.
Thank you for completing this plan. Please print a copy for your records before submitting.