Liquor Liability Policy for SAE Sections

Please confirm your Section's compliance with this SAE policy annually.

In recent years, considerable emphasis has been placed on SAE's liability when alcohol is served at Section activities.

Hosting drinks from the Section funds puts SAE International and the Section in jeopardy, as SAE Sections are not treated as separate entities for legal purposes. Both SAE Sections (including Groups and Divisions) and SAE International can be held liable if a Section hosts an event where alcohol purchased by the Section is served, for instance, at a golf outing or softball tournament.

This liability also extends to Governing Board dinners. If a Section treasury finances a Governing Board dinner and also pays for a member's drinks from the same funds, the Section puts SAE, as well as the Section, at risk.

Therefore, all Section activities where alcohol is served must be at the individual member's expense or paid for by a sponsor.

Under no circumstances should alcohol ever be available through "self serve."

If you have any questions on SAE's insurance coverage, please contact Jill Porter at SAE International.

Submit a signed copy of the attached acknowledgement form by August 31 each year.

Jill Porter
Manager, HR Benefits & Risk Management
Phone: 724-772-7119