Section Activities Other Than Technical Meetings

Insurance for Section Events
If your Section would like to plan any meeting other than a traditional technical meeting or tour, please contact Jill Porter to see if additional insurance is needed.

This includes:

  • Ride and drive events
  • Static vehicle displays
  • Watercraft or boat cruises
  • Family outings involving minor children (under 18)
  • Anytime you charter a bus for transporting attendees
  • Any events involving alcohol

Activities at established facilities may have their own requirements, so you should contact Jill Porter for events at venues like:

  • Science centers
  • Museums
  • Amusement parks

Please review these annually:
Insurance for Section Events
Liquor Policy for SAE Sections

Two weeks prior to signing any contract, please send to Jill Porter for her review.

SAE Contact for Section Insurance
Jill Porter
Manager, HR Benefits & Risk Management
Phone: 724-772-7119