Dr. Herman Tang

Eastern Michigan University
Ypsilanti, MI
Phone: 734-487-0226
Email: htang2@emich.edu

Speaker's Biography
Dr. Tang is a professor at Eastern Michigan University (EMU). Before joining EMU, he was a lead engineering specialist at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). At FCA for about 16.5 years, Dr. Tang worked on manufacturing system development and launch support for five vehicle programs, and led the specialist team to evaluate, analyze, and help improve the manufacturing system performance and capability of other two new vehicle programs.

Dr. Tang's technical expertise is in the areas of assembly system development, process planning, tooling development management, lean manufacturing, dimensional quality control, welding, launch support, and project management. Dr. Tang completed his doctorate study at the University of Michigan in 1999 and earned an MBA degree in industrial management from Baker College. Dr. Tang is an active member of SAE, ASME, SME, AWS, and ASQ, having authored two books published by SAE recently and serving associate editor and reviewer for several scholarly journals.

This seminar is intended for engineering students, entry-level manufacturing engineers and all levels of non-manufacturing professionals of the automotive industry. The seminar might be viewed as 80% engineering and 20% technical management in nature. The seminar covers the assembly processes, operations management, development of vehicle assembly systems, and process planning pertaining to the automotive manufacturing, specific topics include:

  • Main vehicle assembly processes and operations
  • Vehicle assembly operations management
  • Continuous improvement of operational performance
  • Development of vehicle assembly systems
  • Process planning for vehicle assembly
  • Tooling development management for vehicle assembly
Each presentation topic takes about one and half hours. The technical contents and depth of presentations may be adjusted upon request. Further collaboration in the topics can be considered.

  • No set restrictions. Three-week advance notice would be appreciated. Some scheduling flexibility may be necessary depending on other obligations.
Equipment Needs
  • Projector with a cable to HDMI connect to a laptop for presenting a MS powerpoint presentation, a laser pointer, a wireless clip-on microphone optionally needed if a large auditorium is planned.

These topics are also covered in the speaker's books: "Automotive Vehicle Assembly Processes and Operations Management" or "Manufacturing System and Process Development for Vehicle Assembly".