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EDSEL: The Story of Henry Ford's Forgotten Son
The life of Edsel Ford, the son of Henry Ford, and president of Ford Motor Company for quarter of a century, is covered in a one-hour slide presentation. Topics covered include: childhood, relationship with his father, managing Ford Motor Company, and untimely death.

The creative process behind the design of all Ford automobiles from the Model T to the 1951 Mercury is covered in a one-hour slide presentation. Most of the information was obtained through interviews of Ford Motor Company first design chief, Bob Gregorie. Conflicts between design department and engineering; relationship between Gregorie and Edsel Ford.

The last eighteen months of Henry Ford's life are covered in a one-hour slide presentation. Topics include: resignation from Ford Motor Company, re-enacting his first ride in the Quadricycle, participating in Detroit's Automotive Golden Jubilee, and the unbelievable events surrounding his death. A most unique story, never-before-told in such detail.

Speaker's Biography
Henry Dominguez has been a student of Ford Motor Company history for over thirty years and has concentrated his study on uncovered topics in the company's and family's history. The first of these was the Ford dealership organization, and he has written three volumes on this topic alone. Next was Henry Ford's only child, Edsel. Mr. Dominguez has written the only full-length biography of the man who saved Ford Motor Company, not once, but three times. He has also written a comprehensive history of Ford's early automobile design activities. His latest work (due out in early 2014) is entitled "The Last Days of Henry Ford."