Experts on Tour - Al Cohn

Commercial Truck Tires - #1 Maintenance Cost Next to Fuel: How to maximize tire mileages, reduce roadside service calls, maximize fuel economy, secret to maintaining tire inflation pressure

This seminar reviews the most common questions/concerns regarding commercial truck tires:

  • Top 10 reasons for roadside service calls
  • Fleet tire budget components
  • Tire tread depths: how to measure & why important
  • How long will my tire's last
  • Scrap tire pile analysis - what will I learn
  • Air versus Nitrogen inflation
  • What pressure should I be running
  • Pressure versus temperature
  • Why do tires lose air
  • Over versus under inflation
  • Tires & fuel economy
  • Available tire pressure technologies (Manual vs CTI vs TPMS vs ATIS)


31 year industry veteran of the commercial trucking industry.
U. of Illinois graduate in Chemical Engineering.

Prior to joining PSI, Pressure Systems International, out of San Antonio, Texas, spent 28 years with Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. Held a variety of positions including tire designer, tire compounder, field engineering, sales and marketing. 3 years international experience in Luxembourg supporting the commercial tire market.

January 2006 joined PSI as Director of New Market Development & Engineering Support. PSI is the industry and market leader for supplying automatic tire inflation systems for commercial trailers around the world.

Frequent industry speaker at SAE, TMC, ATA, TTMA, and IANA.
Currently Chairman of the SAE Commercial Maintenance Committee.
Silver Spark Plug winner at TMC.