Experts on Tour - Edward W. English, II

Material Compatibility with Today's Changing Fuel Market
With the ongoing improvements to our Environmental Laws which regulate air quality, the passing of the 1992 Energy Policy Act and the 1998 Environmental conservation Recovery Act there is now a great focus on the utilization of biomass fuels in today's energy market. For decades, fuels derived from hydrocarbon based crudes have been the driving force behind the development and installation of the infrastructure that moves petroleum crude from collection to refining and to the ultimate end user.

Although biomass fuels have been in existence since the eighteenth century it was not until the oil embargo of the 1970's that the United States realized the importance of identifying alternate forms of energy to augment the limited inventories of petroleum feedstocks around the world.

Since the legislation of the EPAct of 1992 and the subsequent legislation of the ECRA in 1998, there has been a need to evaluate the existing fuel infrastructure to ensure that energy finds its way from the manufacturer to the end user without damaging the existing infrastructure and environment.

This presentation looks at the issues of material compatibility with today's changing fuels market.

As Vice President & Technical Director for Fuel Quality Services Inc., Mr. English overseas all aspects directly related to the research, development, and deployment of chemicals for use in the various stages of production and refining of crude oil and natural gas and product quality through the various stages of distribution from the refinery to end user. Additional activities include evaluating regulatory and industry issues, compliance with federal and state regulations, formulating policy and implementing programs to address regulatory and industry issues, perform technical reviews and program audits. Mr. English is also nationally recognized for his knowledge and expertise in the area of materials compatibility and alternative fuels and is often a guest speaker for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Petroleum Equipment Industry (PEI), and various trade associations and organizations.

Before joining Fuel Quality Services, Inc., Mr. English worked in the nuclear power industry. The focus of his work was the safe and long term operation of pressurized water reactors (PWR) through the design and implementation of various corrosion control programs for primary radioactive systems, secondary non-radioactive systems, auxiliary component systems, emergency systems, and fuel storage systems. Mr. English has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Chemistry from the University of Florida, with an additional two years post baccalaureate work from the University of Miami.

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