Experts on Tour - Richard W. Job

Agricultural Equipment Technology; An Overview of the State-of-the-Art Agriculture Today

A presentation of the current state-of-the-art of agricultural equipment. It will consist of a discussion of the size, in relative dimensions and horsepower, of the tractors, implements and self-propelled harvesters of many types. It will include a discussion of the effect that CVT technology is having on farming practices. Lastly it will include a discussion of the effects of global positioning, auto-guidance systems and computer technology on farming practices.

The Homologation Process of Preparing Machinery "for sale" in Europe; A synopsis of the overall process

A presentation of the homologation process, how to prepare machinery "for sale" in Europe. It will begin with a presentation on some of the European directives and an overview of their requirements. It will then discuss the process of "type approval" versus "single vehicle approval". It will conclude with a discussion of some of the typical problems and remedies of that system.

International Standards Development Process; An insight

A presentation on the process of international standards development. It will include a discussion of how the international standards developing organizations are structured and the effect it has on engineering practices. There will be a very brief discussion of the role of manufacturing associations in this process. Then will be a discussion of the process of developing a standard. It will conclude with a short discussion of the overall effect of global standards and some of the pitfalls of meeting international standards and selling into regional markets.

Richard Job was born and raised on a dairy farm in Central Minnesota. He earned a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from Michigan Technological University and has more than 40 years experience working for manufacturers in the design and development of agricultural, construction, industrial and lawn and garden products. In this process he has held positions from entry level design engineer through director. Early in his career he was introduced to standards developing committees and have been involved in that process for more than 40 years. He is currently a semi-retired consultant to industry.

Richard is a 40 plus member of SAE and a member of ASABE. He also hold a professional engineering license in the state of Wisconsin.

Available to speak at 5-6 section meetings.

Cannot be away for more than 2 consecutive days.