Experts on Tour - Dr. Erick Lauber

"Leadership for Today's Skill-Driven Teams"

You've heard leadership trainers talk about great military leaders and sports leaders, but you've always said "That's not me! My team isn't anything like a sports team or an army unit: getting them to shout and storm the field is not going to 'win' our complex, skill-driven environment."

Here's a little bit of good news. You were right!

But now what? Where can you go to address your concerns? What if you don't "shout" and "motivate" like a sports coach? What if you're afraid you're not anything like Knute Rockne or other "born leaders"? What if you don't have an insane amount of confidence, or you want your team to respect and like you - not just obey you?

Today's complex teams are full of skill-laden, expert team members. Today's teams work and decide in real-time, adjusting plans on the fly and responding to customer demands faster than the competition. Today's teams do not succeed because of adrenaline surges and emotional "charges up the hill", but because of intelligent delegation, outstanding communication and pervasive personal commitment to team goals.

In this interactive, motivating seminar you will learn how to:

  • invest your time and effort for the biggest payback.
  • encourage the most out of your people-and discover what they expect from you in return.
  • create an environment where challenge and enjoyment are experienced every day.
  • measure and monitor your team and see that follow-through happens.
  • move the team toward more self-leadership and less dependence on you.
  • communicate in your own authentic, leadership style.
  • develop a personal action plan and accountability for your future learning.

This seminar gets right down to business. It is packed with the leadership training and insights you'll need to direct your team to its greatest potential. It details how managing is not leading. No matter what kind of team you lead, plan now to attend this course. The teams of today demand a leader prepared for tomorrow.

"Framing Your Life for Personal and Professional Success"

In this interactive exploration of who we are, Dr. Erick Lauber, Applied Psychologist and Educational TV/Film Producer takes his jacket off and helps you see just how much in control of your life you truly are - but only when you make it happen. After this 45-minute interactive, entertaining experience you will see yourself and your life's challenges in a new perspective. Don't miss your chance to enjoy a healthy dose of self-discovery, uncomplicated by personality inventories or complex, psycho-babble. Dr. Erick will help you reframe your challenges, re-write your script and take the leading role in your life story.