Experts on Tour - David Oh

Artificial Intelligent Powertrain System (AIPS) in 2020
This describes the process used to select the hybrid electric as a leading technology for future vehicles and a description of its design and functioning.

The presentation reviews the history of the automotive powertrain systems technology from a system perspective. From the time that it was conceived in 1900's to the present, the powertrain system has evolved to meet many changing requirements. Whether it's a 4, 6, 8, and 10 cylinder gasoline or diesel engines, or it's one of hybrid powertrain offerings, or automatic and manual transmissions, product offerings provide customers with various levels of power output, fuel economy, towing capability, acceleration and overall engine character to meet their requirements.
The focus of the paper will cover the history of powertrain/driveline requirements such as manual transmission, DCT, AMT, CVT, AWD, 2WD, FWD, RWD, 4WD, HEV, EV, FCV prevent crashes including the differences between European and US requirements. It will demonstrate that this globally developing Artificial Intelligent Powertrain System (AIPS) that offers safety synergy and meets all its initial requirements and continues to evolve over time to meet additional changing requirements based on J.D. Power and Associates.

David Oh's background includes twenty seven years of success leading and managing design, test, and development programs and diversified cross-functional teams, eighteen of which were spent as part of each of the 'Big Three' Automotive Companies (GM, Ford, and Daimler Chrysler) respectively. David was responsible for overseeing technology and Asian customers as a technical director/customer director at Gates Korea. David is currently working at Kanematsu USA as a technical director/advisor to lead and manage automotive technology and engineering and perform management consulting between OEM customers and Japanese and Korean suppliers globally. David has been the member of SAE, ASME, KPAI, KSEA, MPG, and APACC served as an editor for Korean Economy Automotive News in Michigan branch, and served as an advisor for Michigan Economy Development Company, KOTRA, and S-Trade. David received many GM and Ford technical excellence awards. David holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering, a second Master's in Manufacturing & Systems Engineering, an MBA, and completed PhD courses in Engineering at The University of Michigan. David was invited at SAE, APEXX and KOTRA as a guest speaker. David received a Ford APEL Quality Certification and a Greenbelt Certification (DFSS) and graduated Dale Carnegie leadership program.

One month advance notice (if possible) for travel arrangement.

Equipment Needs:
LCD Projector for laptop.