"LandSpeed" Louise Ann Noeth, Storyteller

LandSpeed Productions

Bonneville: A Century of Speed
Amateurs all, see how they became the builders, drivers and record-setters of the fastest cars, trucks and motorcycles on earth.

Ms. Noeth is best known for her extraordinary and unusual, 'storyteller' perspective using words and pictures. As an accomplished racer herself, she will give an insightful, fascinating presentation not only for those unfamiliar with the sport, but seasoned 'Salt Rats' alike. Her image rich presentation portrays the thought-provoking essence of the past, present, and future of land speed racing at the famed Bonneville Salt Flats.

As an author of numerous publications regarding land speed racing, she brings a genuine credibility to this type of discussion that only a participant and a steward of the sport can provide.

Her presentation promises an uniquely rousing perspective that even many television shows do not portray - a story behind the scenes. You normally do not hear about how people camp at the bend in the road or how many people make their own parts. She distinguishes herself with an energetic level of emotion that the vast majority of true Land Speed Racers possess…one that they pour their heart and soul into their machines that they may have built out of their personal garages.

While many people have heard of land speed racing, not many have first-hand knowledge or have actually experienced the lifestyle and can provide an inside looking out perspective of this sport. Louise is able to put the audience "in the moment" by describing every detail from how the salts were formed, what extraordinary measures should be taken to protect yourself and riding along in a plus 400MPH speed run!

She shows the life sacrifices made by those daring for the success of a time on a sheet of paper and effectively communicates the joy of success and the agony of defeat in this world that seems far away. Every detail from the morning sunrise on the flats, to the preparation, technical inspections, course design, and competition are covered.

LandSpeed Louise brings the Bonneville Salt Flats together with the greatest mechanical circus on earth to your meeting place. Streamliners, belly tank lakesters, roadsters, motorcycles, even semi-trucks have all taunted the clocks setting national and world records since 1914.

Because of repeated rainouts in 2013, the 2014 racing season is poised to be a ripping, raging stage for speed conquests where the World Wheel-Driven Land Speed Record of 458MPH should be eclipsed and the World Land Speed Motorcycle record of 376MPH might see 400MPH with no less than five serious players due to show-up.

Your members can be part of the action, get the "411" on speed on salt, and learn what it takes to design, build and test a speed machine where the only constraints are safety, imagination, cash and of course, courage.

Whether it is a 5th grade class, cadets and officers at the United States Air Force Academy, the fabrication shop at Roush Performance, Utah Fine Arts Museum, or SAE sections across the land, LandSpeed Louise can tailor her talk to get your crowd buzzing.


Louise Ann Noeth founded LandSpeed Productions in 1984 after years of freelancing where she had developed storytelling skill sets that included:

  • Creative Writing
  • Photography
  • Stock Library
  • Fine Art
  • Graphic Design
  • Public Relations

Ms. Noeth's award-winning writing and photographic works have been published around the world in several languages. From Sports Illustrated to The Late Show with David Letterman and onto the international arena, her client list is diverse, thought-provoking and for the most part - fun. Dubbed, "LandSpeed Louise" (LSL) by the late Gray Baskerville, HOT ROD Magazine's irreverently brilliant automotive journalist, she concentrates on land speed racing, mesmerized by amateurs, common folks who do extraordinary feats by designing, building and driving the fastest cars, trucks and motorcycles on earth.

A fancy moniker for what she does is "photojournalist", but she prefers "storyteller."
"I want people to be comfortable, become enthused when they venture into my stories and come away with something useful for the time spent," explains Noeth.

Unlike most journalists, writers, photographers, artists, and publicists who focus on only one, or perhaps two disciplines, LSL noticed that she could get editors to give her more assignments if she could provide words and pictures - photographed or drawn.

"The hard part was convincing them that I could deliver quality in both areas, because my skills came from 'on-the-job training'," she adds, "I've never had any formal, academic training, just an overwhelming abundance of enthusiastic curiosity and I've discovered that, occasionally, I can whup a hot shot PhD in this news game."

After several years of touring North America as a professional auto racer campaigning a 250 MPH jet dragster, she became a member of the Fourth Estate when she was hired by Petersen Publishing Company in 1979. As the first female editor-in-chief of any of the firm's automotive publications, she produced:

  • HOT ROD Industry News
  • SEMA Show HOT ROD Hotline
  • and was a member of the development team for:
    • HOT ROD Nationals CAR CRAFT Nationals
Eschewing the corporate life, LSL has been freelancing the past 25 years producing:
  • investigative
  • technical
  • feature
  • historical
  • assignments for a wide array of:
    • magazines
    • newspapers
    • book publishers
    • racing teams
    • entertainers
    • corporate clients

For the past 12 years her column, Fuel For Thought, has appeared monthly in the GoodGuys Gazette providing readers with an insider's view of land speed racing that has captured numerous peer-reviewed accolades. She is authoress of the critically acclaimed, award-winning "Bonneville Salt Flats: The Fastest Place on Earth" in print for 11 years with seven printings. She is currently under contract with the University of Utah Press to produce a full historical account of racing on the salt flats p from 1914 thru 2013.

Noeth is a judge is several areas for the Society of Professional Journalists, International Automotive Media Awards and a variety of hobbyist photography groups including the prestigious St. Louis Camera Club, the second oldest in the nation.

As one of few women auto writers/racers in America, her moniker "Landspeed Louise" is well-deserved and hard-earned. She has served on several auto industry technical committees developing self-regulating guidelines in tires, suspension, emission controls and contributed to regulatory discussions with the Secretary of Energy in Washington, D.C. that resulted in a shift in national policy.

She was a member of TEAMVesco when it recaptured for the United States, the World Wheel-Driven Land Speed Record at 458MPH from Britain's Donald Campbell. Comfortable and competent behind the wheel of any car, or truck, she is also an accomplished motorcyclist, licensed pilot and blue water sailor.



Ms. Noeth has 19 times been honored with Moto Awards at the International Automotive Media Awards for her:

  • Investigative Reporting
  • Feature Writing
  • New Car Reviews
  • Public Relations Campaigns
  • Editorial Photography

Her book, Bonneville Salt Flats was the 2002 winner of the Society of Automotive Historians Southern California Chapter James Valentine Award, presented in recognition for accuracy in historical research.

The All American Racing Writers and Broadcasters Association (AARWBA) has repeatedly selected Ms. Noeth's work for excellence:

  • Magazine Column Writing
  • Magazine Technical Writing
  • Photography

She has served on the Board of Directors with the Motor Press Guild, the largest automotive group of its kind and has served as an Officer of the International Motor Press Association. Using her camera as an "electronic paint brush," Ms. Noeth's photography assignments have taken her around the world. The adventures have been compiled into a substantial stock library that offers licensing opportunities of images. LSL frequently donates her time to schools, non-profit and civic organizations as a public speaker and photography judge.