Robert Kosi Tette

Empowering Youth in Technology-Pathways to Enduring Hope from "An Immigrant's Silent Struggle."
Imagine you have began something really courageous in your life, such as left home to start a new life elsewhere, made the decision to go to college to pursue an engineering career, or started a new job. What do you do when you find yourself knee deep in a quagmire of challenges? Pathways to Enduring Hope from "An Immigrant's Silent Struggle" provides an experiential illustration of the tremendous power of hope as therapy for the burdened soul. Inspired by his Newsweek article, "An Immigrant's Silent Struggle," Robert Kosi Tette shares unique insight into harnessing the elusive quality called hope, which gives us courage to face the unknown with constructive composure rather than giving in to the destructive chaos of desperation. This presentation is especially targeted for those facing times when admirable ambitions become burdened by unfamiliar challenges, and the temptation to give up - or much worse make wrong choices - becomes almost irresistible. How do you keep going when all seems lost?

Robert Kosi Tette is a native of Ghana, West Africa. He currently lives and works in Detroit as an engineer. Achieving higher education has been his goal since arriving in the United States in 1987. He earned his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Prairie View A & M University, Texas, and holds respective graduate degrees in engineering and business administration from Purdue University, Indiana, and The University of Michigan Business School, Ann Arbor, Michigan. His March 10, 2008 Newsweek article "An Immigrants Silent Struggle" has been nominated for a 2008 New York Association of Black Journalists Award. Robert Kosi Tette is an active volunteer for the SAE A World in Motion Program. He has been described as having a knack for telling profound stories with a twist of humor.

"An Immigrants Silent Struggle"