Seminars - Robert L. Stearns

Encouraging Innovative Thinking and Action
This workshop focuses on techniques for creating an environment in your business, where your people will be able to develop unique ideas for products and services. We'll share with you some case studies, which will enable your Organization's culture to encourage your people to think outside of the box, and to follow through with the implementation of their good ideas.

  • The 3 M philosophy - 15% of employees' time should be spent on innovating new ideas and products
  • When in doubt, consult the Oracle
  • How to sleigh Sacred Cows in your Organization
  • Additional tools and techniques for Innovative Thinking
  • Developing a bias for action
  • How to empower yourself and your employees
  • The proof is in the results - How to light a fire so people continuously deliver and improve individual and Organizational results

** This workshop discusses the criteria necessary to achieve the Malcolm Baldrige Award. Since participants would be from various companies, they would be walked through the process and given information and tools necessary to decide if aspiring to obtain the Baldrige is right for their organization. Following is an outline of the workshop that can be modified to meet section needs:


  • Baldrige Award winning companies have consistently outperformed the Standard and Poors stock index by a ratio of 4.5 to 1. These winners include companies from all business sectors such as AT&T, Boeing Airlift, Cadillac Motors, Corning Telecommunications, Eastman Chemicals, Federal Express, Dana Driveshaft, Ritz Carlton Hotels, and Xerox who have all used the Baldrige Criteria to improve their Leadership Systems, and their Organizations.

  • Your Organization can also take advantage of the Baldrige Criteria by using them for conducting a self-assessment. The assessment can be conducted for your organization as a whole, or can be done for divisions, or even for individual departments.

  • The workshop begins with an Executive Briefing on the Baldrige Criteria, and the self- assessment process. The participants will also be given some guidelines for using a case study for the self - assessment, as well as for their own Organization.

  • The participants then discuss the Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement for their case study Organization, and for their own Organization for the Baldrige Criteria: Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer and Market Focus, Information Use and analysis, Human Resource Focus, Process Management, and Business Results.

  • The participants then discuss the gaps in the Organization's performance from the Baldrige Criteria in the context of the degree of importance of these gaps, to their business, and to the case study. From the gap analysis, one to three areas for improvement are selected, and then an Action Plan is developed for each one.

Can a Baldrige self-assessment provide value for your Organization?

  • If you want a process that will allow you to compare your Organization to National Standards...
  • If you want to pinpoint your focus on key Opportunities for Improvement...
  • If you aspire to be the "Best in your Business"...

Then Baldrige might be right for you!


Inspiring Extraordinary Performance

Bob Stearns is the Founder and CEO of Enlightened Leadership International, a Leadership Development and Organizational Development Consulting and Training Company. Bob and his associates are experts in developing a Performance Excellence culture for organizations. They work with the leadership team to assess organizational needs, and then to implement targeted solutions which build teamwork, improve existing work processes where needed, and improve business results.

Bob was the Architect and leader of the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for Medrad Inc. from 1995-2000. In 1999, and again in 2000, Bob led Medrad, inc. to the finals of the Award process. Medrad won the Baldrige Award in 2003.

Bob was also responsible for the introduction and implementation of the team based/high performance culture in Medrad’s international subsidiaries, and aided in the implementation of the Continuous Improvement process for Medrad’s parent company Schering AG. Bob has worked for the United States Department of Commerce as a Senior Examiner for the National Board of Examiners of the Baldrige Award. Bob received the Award for Excellence in Human Resources Development from the American Society for Training and Development.

Bob worked for ten years at Medrad, Inc., a market leading developer of medical imaging products where he was the Director of Organizational Development and the Quality and Productivity Center. Bob founded Medrad University, and established and implemented a number of innovative Organizational Development initiatives including Total Quality Management, Self Directed Work Teams, Career Development, competency Based Training, and Performance Improvement Teams.

Bob also served as the Chief Human Resources Executive at CoManage Corporation.  In this capacity, Bob was responsible for developing and implementing human resource processes and for developing and maintaining a high performance culture. Bob led CoManage to be named the “Best Place to work in Pennsylvania” in 2000.

Bob’s company, Enlightened Leadership, has been finding solutions for clients since 1985. Some of their clients include Armco Advanced Metals Corporation, Witco Chemical Company, Respironics, Riverside Corporation, South Hills Health System, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Carnegie Museum, Harmarville Rehabilitation Center, the Hospital Council of Western Pennsylvania, the Catholic Diocese and Schering AG. Bob has a BS in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh, and has completed post-graduate classes in leadership development at Carnegie Mellon University. He has taught at several local universities including the University of Pittsburgh and Washington and Jefferson College.