Seminars - Daniel Walker

Customer Care 101
Daniel Walker

Quality Customer Care is a topic all companies discuss frequently but few practice well. It is the purpose of this seminar to teach people at all levels of the company to exercise good judgment in the proper care and feeding of their most precious commodity, the customer. The basic philosophy is based on one of respect for the individual.

The Seminar will focus on several key topics:

  • Honest communication internally and externally
  • Treating your customers as fellow human beings first and business contacts second.
  • Building "Quality" products and services will save relationships
  • Becoming proactive vs. reactive in response to customer needs
  • Training, coaching and mentoring this business model throughout the organization

As a certified Value Based Six Sigma (VBSS) Black Belt Dan has lead many cross functional and multinational teams assembled to solve complex problems and develop new products and technologies. As a Black Belt he is constantly mindful of the need to obtain robust results while utilizing a minimum of precious industry resources.

In 1988 he obtained his BS in Plastics Engineering Technology from Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI and has been working in the automotive industry since that time.

Various job functions over those years have included:

  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Tooling Engineering
  • Project and Program Management
  • Research and Development
  • Applications Engineering

During his 8 years in R&D he was awarded 6 patents and is considered by management and peers to be a highly creative problem solver, a strong leader and a powerful motivator.

Over the years he has gained considerable experience in:

  • Managing complex projects by utilizing cross functional teams
  • Researching and solving high impact quality problems
  • Teaching and mentoring others
  • Establishing and conducting controlled experiments using DOE
  • Statistical tools such as Weibul Analysis, ANOVA, Normality Testing, SPC, Process Performance, Gage R&R, etc.
  • Exercising strong leadership in any and all situations
  • Organizing and coordinating the activities of international project teams (Japan, France and Germany)
  • Handling difficult and delicate customer care issues

As an early practitioner of organized problem solving methods such as Voice of Customer (VOC) and Value Based Product Development (VBPD) he has been identified as a subject matter expert by top ITT executives. Along with a select few employees he was afforded the privilege of assisting in the development and implementation of VOC training throughout ITT Industries.