Sections Speakers Series

John Laurence Busch
Independent Historian
Phone: 203-972-2745
Topics: (detailed abstracts)
  • Engineers Presentation: Building the First "Steamship" in History Special
Requirements: Speaker will arrange to have a local bookstore at the presentation, with copies of his book (STEAM COFFIN) available for purchase.

William Chamberlin

Phone: 440/256-1598
Topics: (detailed abstract)
  • Fueling Our Future Transportation Needs
  • Why So Many Lubricants in My Garage?
  • They Don't Build Automobiles the Way They Used to!

Jeff Dix

Principal Engineer
Nissan Technical Center North America
Phone: 248-488-4275
Topics: (detailed abstract)
  • Working Towards "Virtually Zero" Motor Vehicle Fatalities
Equipment Needs: Projector for presenting a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation from a laptop. Microphone is requested if a large auditorium is planned.

Henry Dominguez

Phone: 801-425-4606
Topics: (detailed abstract)
  • EDSEL: The Story of Henry Ford's Forgotten Son

Adam Garfein, Ph.D.
Partner and Co-founder, Menawat & Co.
Co-author of Execution Dynamics and Profit Mapping
Phone: 734.429.0813
Topics: (detailed abstracts)
  • Execution Dynamics: Driving Cost and Operational Efficiency
  • Predictive Operational Analytics for EBITDA Improvement
  • Operational Transformation, Execution and Profit Improvement.
Note: Will tailor talk and title for specific audience.

Richard Job
Topics: (detailed abstracts)
Agricultural Equipment Technology; An Overview of the State-of-the-Art Agriculture Today
  • The Homologation Process of Preparing Machinery "for sale" in Europe; A synopsis of the overall process
  • International Standards Development Process; An insight Availability
  • Available to speak at 5-6 section meetings. Restrictions
  • Cannot be away for more than 2 consecutive days.

Dave McLellan
Phone: 810 - 629-2777 h/o
Web Sites:;
Topics: (detailed abstracts)
  • The C7 Corvette has redefined "Super Car."
  • Raising the Bar on the FIA 24 Hour World Endurance Record.
Equipment needs:
Computer reading PowerPoint and a digital projector

Douglas Milliken
President Milliken Research Associates Inc. Phone: 810 - 629-2777 h/o
Web Sites: ;
Topics: Data Vehicle Dynamics Modeling

Presentation Requirements:
A $500 honorarium is also requested.

"LandSpeed"Louise Ann Noeth
Principal, LandSpeed Productions
Phone: 314.692.0247
Topics (detailed abstracts)
  • Bonneville: A Century of Speed
Presentation requirements:
  • As a freelancer, Louise is not supported by a corporate budget, so reimbursement for travel related expenses is required (roundtrip airfare or mileage for driving, hotel, meals, etc.). A $500 honorarium is also requested.
Equipment needs:
  • a slide projector with a zoom lens (autofocus on the remote control), screen, and if the audience is in excess of 75, a hand held, or lapel microphone Section must provide the projection system for the PowerPoint presentation. If video is desired, that equipment must also be supplied.
  • Limited availability in August and September, please contact early in the year to ensure availability.

David Oh
Topic (detailed abstracts)
  • Artificial Intelligent Powertrain System (AIPS) in 2020
Restrictions: One month advance notice (if possible) for travel arrangement.
Equipment Needs: LCD Projector for laptop.

Larry Rinek
Senior Technology Consultant, Technical Insights
Frost & Sullivan
Phone: 650-475-4521
Topics: (detailed abstracts)
  • The Controversial F-111 Fighter/Bomber Program: An Historical Perspective
  • The Evolution of Aircraft Flight Controls: An Historical Perspective
  • Boeing's Magnificent B-52 Stratofortress Bomber
  • Defects in Aircraft Design & Materials: Engineering Lessons Learned
  • Convair F-106 Delta Dart: The Ultimate Interceptor
  • USAF B-1 Lancer: The "Bone"
  • Evolution of Rotorcraft Technology: An Historical Perspective
  • The History and Technology of Flying Wings: How Did We Get To The B-2A Bomber?

Robert (Bob) Stearns
Founder and CEO, Enlightened Leadership International
Phone: 724 933-3935
Topics: (detailed abstracts)
  • Perhaps a Man Can Change the Stars!: How Engineers can lead Marketers; Executives; Customers to Thrive - You can do or be anything you want to do or be!
  • Encouraging Innovative Thinking and Action
  • Malcolm Baldrige Criteria For Performance Excellence

Peter B. Sunderland
Associate Professor; Director of Undergraduate Studies; Keystone Professor
Dept. of Fire Protection Engineering ,University of Maryland
Phone: (301) 405-3095
Topic: Fire Safety of Hydrogen Vehicles

Graham White
Phone: (386) 719 5587
Topics: (detailed abstracts)
  • Unlimited Power
  • R-4360: Pratt & Whitney's Major Miracle
  • Schneider Trophy Contest

Dr. Herman Tang
Eastern Michigan University
Ypsilanti, MI
Phone: 734-487-0226
Topics: (detailed abstracts)

  • Main vehicle assembly processes and operations
  • Vehicle assembly operations management
  • Continuous improvement of operational performance
  • Development of vehicle assembly systems
  • Process planning for vehicle assembly
  • Tooling development management for vehicle assembly

Mohamed Zaher
Engineering Leader, LHP Software Solutions
LHP Engineering Solutions
Pontiac, MI
Phone: 312-714-9155

  • Hybrid & Electrical Vehicles: What every automotive engineer needs to know.
  • Functional Safety: What ISO 26262 is about?
  • System Development Life Cycle: What you do not learn in school and should know.
  • Software Development in automotive industry: What you need to know coming out of school.
  • Model Based Design Software Development: Baseline of knowledge