News for SAE's Worldwide Groups and Sections - January 2001

New Format for Section Annual Plans and Reports

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Watch your mail for information about the roll-out of a new, simplified, section reporting document. The former ASYP/YES and Audit & Budget Reports are being combined into one Excel spread sheet which will be known as the Section Annual Plan and Section Annual Report. There will only be two deadlines to concern yourself with for operational and financial reporting to SAE Headquarters. The two reports can be accessed separately because they will each be on a tab in the Excel spread sheet, but all reports can be combined as submitted in one easy transaction.

Forms will be available electronically, adding to the convenience and ease of completion. A training workshop will be conducted at the Section Officers Leadership Seminar in May of this year, and completion instructions will also be included with the form.

The SAE Section Relations Division listens to sections and groups and we are working hard to simplify your busy lives in every way that we can. We hope you like the new improved planning and reporting formats.