SAE Relocates Headquarters

SAE Update
Oct. 1974

Monday, September 16th, was the first official day of business for the Society of Automotive Engineers at its new headquarters building in Warrendale, Pennsylvania. It marked the start of a new era in SAE’s 69-year history.

The start-up of operations in Warrendale brought to realization a concept that first came into being at the 1972 Annual Meeting, when the SAE Board of Directors initiated a study of relocation outside of New York City. The objective: economic viability for SAE for the long-term future. SAE offices had been in New York since the Society’s founding in 1905.

The study covering some 21 cities in the United States was made by an ad hoc committee under Past-President Manganiello’s chairmanship. The Board of Directors was kept apprised of the relocation study and analysis. On May 18, 1973, the Board of Directors made the decision to move to Warrendale, Pennsylvania, and to construct a new headquarters building.

Groundbreaking ceremonies were held at the building site on November 7, 1973. Construction started late last year and was completed by the end of August, 1974. Construction progress was hastened by the attention given the project by the SAE Building Committee under the chairmanship of Past-President J. C. Ellis. This group rode herd on overall budget, but also made speedy decisions on construction and design matters as not to delay the building's completion.

Many SAE members and leaders contributed importantly to the headquarters relocation project. In addition to Messrs. Manganiello and Ellis and their committees, 1974 President Gebhardt provided leadership on the many complex relocation problems this year. Past-President A. T. Colwell directed the National Building Fund program still under way, ably assisted by Past-President H. F. Barr and scores of others.

The new headquarters, with all the benefits it brings, equips the Society to face with greater capability the challenges and demands of these critical times. It represents a courageous move by the Society, and gives the membership a facility of which it can be proud.