News for SAE's Worldwide Groups and Sections - January 2002

Awards of Excellence Program Participation Increases

The chart Percentage of Local Units Achieving Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards of Excellence gives a graphic representation of trends regarding section usage of planning and measurement tools that have been provided by the Sections Board. Operational and Financial Plans and Reports are designed to help sections serve their members needs. The reader may clearly observe that the percentage of sections achieving Gold Awards of Excellence has increased by 60% since 1998. This growth is particularly impressive when we consider that the number of sections has only increased by five since 1998. It would be expected that the usage would grow as the number of sections grows.

The chart also indicates that overall participation in the Sections Board's Awards of Excellence program has increased. In 1998, 20% of sections chose to complete full-length operational and financial plans and reports (a more comprehensive version). While the majority of sections did turn in a plan and report each year, some sections opted to use a shortened version known as the EZ. EZ version plans and reports provide only the essential data that SAE International must maintain on each section, and completion of this version makes sections ineligible to compete for Awards of Excellence.

The fact that 36% of all sections completing a plan and report in 2001 opted to complete the full-length version is significant for several reasons. First, it indicates that the forms (which have been modified and enhanced over the past several years) are more user-friendly. But even more important is the positive trend that sections are increasingly focusing their efforts on member feedback and satisfaction, and using the Annual Plan and Report as tools to help them in their efforts.

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