News for SAE's Worldwide Groups and Sections - October 2001

Update on the Global Sections Partnership Program

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To date, the Sections Board has donated seed money to start the Global Sections Partnership Program, and the Wichita and Indiana Sections have each contributed funds to the program. Several other North American sections are currently in the process of approving a donation to the program.

The Indiana Section's contribution has been donated to the Kyev Group in the Ukraine. This Group is chaired by Professor Leonid V. Pogorilyy, and assisted by SAE's Ukraine Consultant, Professor Leonid I. Grom-Maznichevski. The Kyev Group intends to use the funds it has received to:

  • establish a local technical library at National Aviation University of Ukraine
  • purchase a scanner for capturing illustrations for SAE technical papers and to input graphics to the Group's website.
  • defray newsletter publication costs
  • organize local conferences on aviation at the national Aviation University, and off-highway equipment at Kharkov Polytechnic University
  • sponsor a Kyev Group booth at the Agro-2002 International Exhibition in Ukraine to highlight the success of the Kyev Group and promote additional local membership and SAE interest.

Requests for funds have also been received from the Bryansk Group in Russia, the Minsk and Mogilev Groups in Belarus, and the Southern India Section.

The Wichita Section's donation will be funneled to Bryansk.

E-mail liaisons are being established between the North American sections and their offshore counterparts. This networking should provide additional benefits beyond the financial ones.

A number of sections are still waiting to be matched with a donor. Any sections that would like to know more about the Global Sections Partnership Program or that is interested in making a contribution to the Program should contact Cindy Lisiak at SAE Headquarters 724/772-7138; e-mail:

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