Headquarters Relocation: The Human Side

SAE Update
June 1974

SAE’s move to Pittsburgh leaves the Society’s management with mixed emotions. While the start-up in Warrendale planned for this coming September brings with it an opportunity to refresh and renew headquarters operations, it also brings sadness.

A high percentage of the loyal and dedicated staff members at New York headquarters have elected not to move to Warrendale. Many are career employees with more than ten years of service, and a few with more than twenty years. These career men and women have given unstintingly of themselves to the Society and surely planned to complete their working years at SAE.

The decision to move headquarters was a traumatic experience for them. By the same token, it will be difficult for SAE management to say farewell to these fine people, many of whom have worked behind the scenes completely unknown and little appreciated by the membership.

Having worked closely with these SAE associates for years, I want to take this opportunity to thank each of them for their loyalty. It is these “workers in the vineyards” to whom I am grateful for making management's job so pleasant and Society operations so effective. My heartfelt thanks to them. I am sure that the SAE membership shares these sentiments with me. We wish them all success and happiness in new careers.

The sadness of parting with long-time SAE staff colleagues is in some small measure offset by the reception being given SAE in Pittsburgh. We find enthusiasm for associating with SAE among employees we have interviewed in Pittsburgh. In fact, we have al ready hired several and are pleased with our selection.

There are good prospects available in a number of the skill areas we need. And in the suburban community of Pittsburgh's North Hills (where Warrendale is located) many like not having to commute to the city's downtown business area.

My gratitude particularly to the twenty key employees who are relocating to the new headquarters. Without their help, it would not have been possible to make the move. Upon their shoulders rest the success of the transition.

Certainly the rebuilding of staff with many new people and the loss of scores of experienced hands will not be without its problems. We hope that members will be patient with us during this coming period. While our game plan for hiring, training and overlap of staff members in key jobs has been carefully plotted, service slip-ups may occur. We hope the membership will bear with us during this critical period.

Joseph Gilbert
SAE Secretary & General Manager