News for SAE's Worldwide Groups and Sections - July 2001

International Section Visits

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SAE President Neil Schilke recently visited two of the SAE southeast Asia sections.

Taipei Section
Professor Steve Kuo, Chair of the Taipei Section, organized a visit to Taiwan University for the SAE delegation, where President Schilke received a traditional Taiwanese welcome. Over 100 students attended, including the winners of the SAE Super Mileage Competition. Their winning competition entries were also on display.

Hong Kong Section
While in Hong Kong, the SAE delegation paid a visit to Hong Kong Polytechnic University, where Hong Kong Section Chair, Dr. Sun-Wing Lui, arranged a meeting between Neil and the students. The students expressing a great deal of interest in collegiate design competitions and Neil presented them with an inaugural plaque to commemorating the formation of their collegiate club, which now has more than 55 members.

President Schilke spoke on the topic of "Global Technology for the Future" at the Hong Kong Section's evening technical meeting.

Dr. Lui also arranged a day trip to Guangzhou in South China, (known to Westerners as Canton), and a bus tour of Hong Kong.

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