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Duties of The Section's Nominating Committee

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Nomination of Officers

  1. Nominate at least one candidate (with the candidate's consent) for each elective chair: Chair and Treasurer are mandatory. Vice Chair, Secretary, Vice Chair-Membership, Vice Chair-Math & Science, K-12 and Vice Chair-Student Activities, as well as other Activity and Regional Vice Chairs are recommended, but optional.

  2. Nominate at least one candidate (with the candidate's consent) to represent the section as Delegate to SAE's 2001 Annual Nominating Committee, plus two candidates to serve as First and Second Alternate Delegates and a Silent Observer.

    The Silent Observer position was established in 1992 as a means of instituting more training for future delegates. The most effective means to achieve this would be to have one Alternate observe the meeting with their delegate. The Silent Observer must be one of the Alternates. The Alternates would not be permitted to speak at the meeting or be able to vote, but might be called upon to assist the chairperson of the ANC with some of the administrative meeting tasks.

  3. Present its proposed slate of nominees to the Governing Board within 30 days of its formation, or as instructed.

  4. Return the Nomination Form to Headquarter by March 31, 2001. Section Relations Division will verify the eligibility of nominees before the election is held.
Nominees must meet the following requirements:
  • Current year dues paid
  • All "MANDATORY" Officers, including Chair, may be any grade of membership
  • Section Delegate, Alternate Delegate and the Silent Observer must be Honorary, Fellow or Member grade members.
Confirmation of Officers
The slate of officers by the nominating committee will be confirmed by those in attendance at the last meeting of the section year. All members should be notified by mail (notice may be included in the monthly meeting notice or newsletter) of the slate of candidate and date of election. NOTE: In the event there are opposing slates of officers, the section governing board may use the mail ballot procedure.

Election of Officers
It is suggested that all section/group elections be completed by May 31, 2001. Elections should be conducted at the April or May section meeting. If the nominees are elected and there is no change to the information forwarded to Headquarters in March, no further action needs to be taken. If there is a change in the information, please make the necessary changes on your copy of the original form, sign and forward to Headquarters (keep a copy for your records). If we do not hear from you by June 1, the officer information originally sent to us will be entered as the elected officers.

Table of Contents