News for SAE's Worldwide Groups and Sections - January 2001

The Annual Process of Nominating/Electing Section Officers

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Step One:
At the November or December section meeting, election of the section nominating committee should be held. This committee should consist of at least two section members, in good standing, preferably past chairs or members actively involved in section activities. After election of the nominating committee has been complete, the section chair should read the following paragraph on establishing a special nominating committee to the other members present at the meeting ...

"Two or more members in good standing of the section who are entitled to vote may constitute themselves as a special nominating committee with the same powers as the elected nominating committee."

Step Two:
During January, and prior to selecting nominees for section offices, the nominating committee (and any special nominating committee should discuss the individuals available for service and try to match an individual's strengths with an appropriate office. Once the nominees for each position have been agreed upon by the committee, each nominee should be contacted to discuss the responsibilities of the office, the responsibilities associated with being a member of the governing board, and the willingness of the member to serve.

Step Three:
In February, the nominating committee, and the special nominating committee, if one has been set up at this point, will present names of consenting nominees to the governing board. The committee should also send the list of nominees to the Section Relations Division at SAE for verification that all nominees' dues are paid.

Step Four:
In March, the nominees should be listed in the meeting notice/newsletter and the nominating committee chair should announce the slate of nominees at the March section meeting. Following announcement of the slate, the section chair should read to the members the same paragraph that was read in December about establishing a section nominating committee if members are interested.

If a special nominating committee is going to be formatted, it should present its list of consenting nominees to the governing board no later than the April meeting. When the governing board receives the special nominating committee's list of nominees, the secretary, or other elected officer, should send a duplicate list of these nominees to the Section Relations Division at SAE Headquarters for final verification of the eligibility to serve.

Step Five:
In May, the list of nominees should again be included in the meeting notice and newsletter. We will assume that a second nominating committee has not been formed and there is no second slate of nominees. Therefore, in addition to the listing of the nominees, a statement should appear in the notice that since no opposing slate has been submitted, the slate proposed will be confirmed by members present at the May meeting. And finally, at the May section meeting, the chair of the nominating committee conducts the formation of the nominees.

Following these five easy steps will ensure that your sections' annual nomination and election of section officers is done appropriately and fairly, and will produce a governing board to lead your section to another successful year.

Table of Contents