First Pan-American Standardization Conference

The Journal of the Society of Automotive Engineers
March, 1925

As mentioned in previous issues of The Journal, the first Pan-American Standardization Conference was held at Lima, Peru, Dec. 23, 1924, to Jan. 7, 1925. Kirke K. Hoagg, who represented the Society at the conference, returned to this country recently. He reported that, while no definite standards were formulated, a satisfactory general basis was decided upon for the establishment in the future of standards mutually agreeable and beneficial to all Pan-American countries.

It was decided that the next conference will be held in this country in about three years. A general spirit of helpful cooperation was shown at the meeting at Lima.

Aeronautics Meeting Plans
March, 1925

Aeronautics will play an important par.0t1 in Society activities during the present year. The Meetings Committee at its recent session decided to hold an aeronautic meeting of national scope in addition to the sessions on aeronautics that are customarily included in the program of regular meetings of the Society.

The Dayton Section has already formulated plans that will contribute largely toward the success of the Aeronautic Meeting which will convene in Dayton. Presentation of the Wright Bros. Medal by the Dayton Section will be a feature. The award paper, as well as others of outstanding interest, will be delivered. This meeting will undoubtedly be one of the big events of the year.