News for SAE's Worldwide Groups and Sections - April 2001

Section Allieances with Other Organizations

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SAE's Bylaws prohibit SAE sections from entering into alliances with any organizations that engage in political lobbying, or that are otherwise involved in political activities. Every four years, any section that is allied with any other societies or organizations must submit a Petition for Alliance form for Sections Board review and approval. The following sections, who have informed us that they have alliances with other organizations, will automatically receive a letter and a petition form shortly after the new section year begins on June 1:

Arizona Section
Cleveland Section - Akron-Canton Division
Colorado Section
Dayton Section
Detroit Section
Eastern Carolina Section
Kansas City Section
Mid-California Section
Mid-South Section
Mississippi Valley Section
Northwest Section
Oklahoma Section
Southern California Section
Wichita Section

If your section is engaged in any alliances and not listed above, please contact Claudia Ross at SAE Headquarters phone - 724/772-7319; e-mail:

Table of Contents