Tax Information

Federal Tax Exemption
SAE maintains financial records for the United States Internal Revenue Service purposes. In its annual Internal Revenue Service (IRS), SAE includes the income and expenses of its sections, including sections outside the United States and Canada, as reported in their Financial Reports (formerly known as the Audit & Budget Reports). Every active section must submit an annual Financial Report.

U.S. & Canadian Sections should not file a Federal Income Tax form of any sort. Forward any inquiries or forms received to the SAE Controller, 400 Commonwealth Drive, Warrendale, PA 15096-0001along with the address of the section's Internal Revenue Service district.

The SAE Employer Identification number, which has been assigned to SAE by the US Internal Revenue Service, in connection with savings accounts or investment income, is 25-1494402.

State Tax Exemption
SAE files consolidated tax returns for all states of the US and Canada. U.S. and Canadian sections are not to file any state or providence tax returns.

Following are the U.S. states that are exempt from State Sales & Use Tax:

Colorado New Jersey
Connecticut New York
District of Columbia Ohio
Florida Pennsylvania
Indiana Texas
Kentucky Wisconsin
Massachusetts Wyoming

The Following states do not impose sales tax:
New Hampshire