SAE Section Websites

Organization and Operation

What’s on the SAE International Site:

Does your section want to have a presence on the Internet? Well you already do! The SAE website ( includes a variety of information about all of SAE’s sections. This area of the website is linked from the homepage and from various areas throughout the site. Here’s what’s available about sections on the SAE website:

  • General information about SAE sections.
  • A section locator list.
  • A page for each section that includes the name of the section, the officers, contact information for the section chair, website and email addresses if available, the zip code ranges the section encompasses, and where meetings are regularly held.
  • A detailed sections meeting calendar where sections can post details about upcoming meetings.
  • News and resource areas for sections and section officers.
  • Discussion forums for section officers and section officer treasurers.

Tips and Guidelines for Independent Section Websites:

Sections with more extensive needs may choose to independently develop and maintain their own websites. Some points to keep in mind should you choose this alternative include:

Developing your website
Some service providers offer web page development services. You can also hire a web page designer (this can be expensive) or a student (somewhat cheaper). However, the best alternative is to simply do it yourselves! Someone in your section may have the basic skills needed to develop a set of simple pages or you can also learn how to code a simple page yourself using the variety of books and software products now available. Better yet, you can easily use one of the free software packages available today. For more information on using these simple packages, look at "How to build web pages - The Basics" on the SAE website.

Maintaining your site
Don’t bother setting up a website if you aren’t going to maintain it. Outdated information, broken links, and stale information create a poor image of your section.

Naming your site
Your website must be identified in all text and HTML coding of your pages (particularly the "Title" tags) as the XYZ Section of SAE, not the SAE XYZ Section. In addition, your section’s homepage must include a heading identifying the name of the section; for example, "The XYZ Section of SAE."

Use of the SAE logo
The "SAE" portion of the heading identified in the previous bullet point must be the SAE logo. You may obtain a copy of this logo in .gif format on the SAE website at Download a logo by right-clicking your mouse on the logo and naming the file.

In addition be sure to follow the rules for use of the SAE logo, which are as follows:

"The logo of an SAE section must identify the section as a distinctive part within the whole of SAE. Section logos should balance the need to be distinctive with the need to retain a connection to SAE's graphic look. In general, the logo of any SAE section or student branch must clearly identify the section or branch in a way that can not be confused with SAE international. For a section logo, the name of the section must come first and be the most prominent part while the SAE International name or mark should be the secondary element."

Use of other graphics
The SAE website is copyrighted and section websites may not include any graphics or content from the SAE website, except for the SAE logo used as stated above. In addition, section websites may not include copyrighted graphics from other websites or other published works.

The content of a section’s website must relate solely to the activities of the section. Your section’s website may not contain any copyrighted material, including any content from the SAE website.

At this time, a section website’s content may not include "Help Wanted" types of advertisments, paid or unpaid. However, the section may post its members’ resumes. If you wish to generate revenue by selling Help Wanted ads for the SAE International site, please contact Marcie Hineman at 724/772-7114 or

Links to other websites
Links may be established from your section’s website to relevant websites of other nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions. SAE is a non-profit organization and should not publish content that could be construed as an endorsement of a for-profit enterprise. Therefore, links to commercial websites must be structured in one of the following ways:

  1. The link is part of an explicit advertisement or sponsorship
  2. The link is relevant to other content on the site. For example, information about an upcoming meeting may include a link to the speaker’s company.
  3. The link is part of a general list, which contains (at the beginning of the page) a disclaimer similar to the following:

"These links are provided for the convenience and information of our members and other website visitors. They in no way constitute any sort of endorsement by the XYZ Section of SAE, nor of SAE International."

Linking to the SAE website
SAE section websites must include a link to the SAE website ( When users click on this or any other link to the SAE International site, the SAE pages may not be displayed within a frame on the section website.

SAE reserves the right to control the contents, format, links, and overall quality of any website (1) bearing the SAE name or that is (2) maintained by, and presenting itself as maintained by, any group or committee organized and/or operating under SAE.