Section Officers Leadership Seminar (SOLS)

As part of the support given to Section leaders, SAE offers annual leadership training known SOLS (Section Officers Leadership Seminar). This training brings Section officers together to discuss ideas and strategies for leading a Section and make valuable connections with peers from other Sections.

Goals & Objectives of SOLS

  • Acknowledge the dedication of Section leaders.
  • Provide networking opportunities.
  • Enable peer-to-peer sharing and improve the communication between leaders in different Sections.
  • Develop or enhance career skills (e.g., leadership, project management, problem solving, communication, etc.).
  • Provide strategies for Section management topics (e.g., growing your membership, engaging members, increasing attendance in events, encouraging student participation, maximizing resources, recruiting new volunteers, etc.).
  • Educate Section leaders about SAE.
  • Learn about any new tools and resources Sections are using.
  • Get feedback about what Section leaders need from HQ.
  • Have fun!

Benefits to Attendees
Based on feedback from past participants, the primary benefits of attending SOLS are opportunities to:

  • Connect with colleagues from other Sections.
  • Share ideas and experiences.
  • Collaborate with peers through experiential exercises.
  • Expand their professional contacts.
  • Enhance valuable career skills.
  • Learn more about SAE.
  • Have fun!

2014 SOLS Training