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  • Target your industry of choice with specialized Web pages, eNewsletters and the AEI home page
  • Focus on buyers searching SAE's comprehensive collection of technical products and services

SAE International is the leading authority for advancing vehicle technology and the world's largest standards producer, and our Web site provides a respected, one-stop source for technology and trend information used by engineering professionals in the design and development of automotive, heavy-duty, and aerospace vehicles.
www.sae.org delivers...

high-volume impressions from new and repeat visitors:

  • More than 300,000 visits and 2.38 million page views per month
  • More than 45% of users visit 3 or more pages and
  • Visits average 13 minutes per session
  • Visitor Frequency:
    Visitor Frequency

qualified decision-makers from OEMs and suppliers throughout the world:

Rates & High-traffic Placement Options

Monthly Rates (unless otherwise noted; based on 1-3X frequency) Rates effective January 2004; all rates are net; and are subject to change.

Choose the channel that's right for YOU

The SAE Home page: 155,181* chances to make a good first impression each month
Be "front and center" as engineers, managers and other decision-makers access industry's most comprehensive and complete collection of technical documents.
Monthly rates (net): banners ads: $3500 / button ads: $2400
* average for October 2003 - March 2004

Search pages: 187,200* opportunities to reach engaged users
Position your products and services as the engineering solution with your ad on the SAE Web site search results pages to get high visibility with decision-makers actively seeking solutions.
Monthly rates (net): banner ads: $3500 / button ads: $1400
* average for October 2003 - March 2004

New! Industry pages: Targeted home page opportunities
Reach the online target market that best fits your customer profile with one of the industry home pages that are part of the newly redesigned www.sae.org.

 Page Views/MonthBanner AdButton Ad
Heavy Duty5,083*$1200$600

* average per month for February - March 2004

SAE World Congress pages: Reach SAE's biggest event audience
Each year, for five technology-packed days, nearly 35,000+ of most influential professionals from the OE and supplier community assemble at the SAE World Congress.
Monthly rates (net): banner ads: $3300 / button ads: $1980
* average for October 2003 - March 2004

SAE Magazines:
Automotive Engineering International Online: Industry's best-read magazine
Monthly rates (net): banner ads: $1200 / button ads: $700

Aerospace Engineering Online:
Monthly rates (net): banner ads: $900 / button ads: $540

SAE Off-Highway Engineering Online:
Monthly rates (net): banner ads: $500 / button ads: $350

New! Product and Services Email Newsletters: Email your message to a targeted industry audience
SAE email newsletters give you the opportunity to send your company's message to large, pre-qualified lists of subscribers.

Automobile:70,619$2000 - 15% discount for 6 month contracts
Motorsports:29,993$1500 - 10% discount for 3 month contracts
Aerospace:22,203$1500 - 15% discount for 6 month contracts
Heavy Duty:17,009$1500 - 10% discount for 3 month contracts

* subscribers as of August 2004

Technology Showcase$1500/year
Preferred Listing$1200/year
- Off-Highway Industry Sourcing Guide
Technology Showcase$900/year
Preferred Listing$725/year
Links$500/year ($399 with reciprocity)
Frequency Discounts
4-6X5%off the 1-3X rate
7-9X10%off the 1-3X rate
10-12X15%off the 1-3X rate

Savings for SAE Exhibitors
Exhibitors at particular SAE events are eligible for discounts on banner advertising placed on SAE website pages related to that event. Ads reach show attendees and a targeted prospect base of visitors looking to the page for event details. An excellent pre-show promotion avenue to encourage on-site booth traffic. Contact Becky Wiley at V: 724-772-7116 or email: advertising@sae.org for discount specifics.

(1) Ads on the Homepage and Search Stream are served on a rotational basis to ensure equal exposure (no more than 3 ads per spot).

All ads are posted on a first come, first served basis. For example, if the top banner spot is full, a new ad will posted in the bottom spot; if the top spot then opens, the bottom banner will move up. This applies to all banners and buttons.

Ads will appear within 24 hours of receipt and run 30 days from date posted.


  • Banners - width x height
    468 x 60 (maximum file size 15k)
    120 x 240 (maximum file size 15k)

  • Buttons - width x height
    125 x 125 (maximum file size 9k)

    To view the various ad formats, visit www.sae.org/magazines/onlinad.htm

  • Format
    GIF or JPEG; 72 ppi; animation files are accepted.

  • Enriched Ad Formats
    In addition to the traditional material specifications noted above, SAE also accepts enriched banner ads; materials that may include expanding graphics, expanding menus, or tabbed-pane ads. Other enriched ad formats or ad sizes will be reviewed upon request.

  • Enriched Ad Specifications
    15k maximum load for enriched banners; 85k maximum additional load. A banner may expand up to 468 x 240, upon click/mouse-over and may remain open only if a clearly labeled functioning close button appears in the ad. Banner may feature audio or video content, activated by a click/mouse-over, provided a functioning stop or pause button is featured on the ad.

Ads that do not meet these specifications will not be posted. Banner and button ads are posted on a first-come, first-served basis. For example, if the top banner spot is full, a new ad will be posted in the bottom spot; if the top spot then opens, the bottom banner will move up. This applies to all banners and buttons. Ads will appear within 24 hours of receipt and run 30 days from date posted.

Submittal Instructions
Attach ads in an e-mail. Include company website address as all ads will be linked to the advertiser's website. Send to CustomerSales@sae.org, SAE ONLINE Advertising, Attention: Kathy Belles, V: 724-772-4014.

Payment Terms & Contract Conditions
Payment Terms
Publisher looks to the advertising agency placing the insertion order for payment; however, Publisher shall have the right to hold the agency and the advertiser jointly and severally liable for the monies due. The agency warrants by submitting the insertion order that it and the advertiser have accepted this responsibility. Publisher will not be bound by conditions printed or otherwise, on contracts, order blanks, or instructions when such conditions conflict with its policies.

Contract Conditions
All advertisements for the SAE website are accepted and published/posted by SAE International on the presentation that the advertiser and/or advertising agency are authorized to publish/post the entire contents and subject matter thereof. SAE International reserves the right to reject, exclude, or cancel any advertising at any time. All advertising is required to be educational and should seek to advance the Society's stated purpose.

In consideration of the posting of an advertisement, the advertiser and/or agency, jointly and severally, will indemnify and hold harmless SAE International, its officers, agents, and employees against expenses and losses resulting from the publishing of the advertisement including, but not limited to, any claims or suits for libel, violation of right of privacy, copyright or trademark infringement, plagiarism or false and misleading advertising.

All cancellations must be in writing, and none is considered effective until confirmed in writing by the Publisher. The Publisher accepts no responsibility to remove or alter live matter without written consent form advertiser or agency. Finally, the Publisher shall not be liable for any failure to publish, circulate, or post all or any portion of an advertisement if such failure is due to acts of God, strikes, accidents, or other circumstances beyond the Publisher's control.

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