SAE serves as a satellite office of the Best Manufacturing Practice Center of Excellence

Ernie Renner, BMP President and Dr. David C. Holloway, 1997 SAE President sign the Memorandum of Understanding between BMP and SAE.

SAE has established a satellite office of the Best Manufacturing Practices (BMP) Center of Excellence. This center, a joint partnership between SAE and BMP, is located at the SAE Automotive Headquarters in Troy, Michigan.

The goal of this satellite center is for SAE and BMP to jointly expand services and products to become the manufacturing resource gateway to industrial manufacturing solutions. SAE is interested in assisting industry to accelerate the process of producing the most competitive products.

The Best Manufacturing Practices Center of Excellence was formed by three partners: the Office of Naval Research, the Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the University of Maryland at College Park.

The BMP program was organized to identify cutting-edge developments in the manufacturing sector and disseminate information on these practices to the industrial base. The manufacturing section supplies the Department of Defense and develop methods for U.S. industry to use the information that BMP makes broadly available.

The BMP program identifies best practices being used in the areas of design, test, production, facilities, logistics, management, and environment. BMP then encourages industry and government to share information about these practices. To accomplish this, independent teams of government and industry experts have been established to survey organizations that are ready to share information about their own best practices. Participation in the survey is voluntary and at no cost to the company.

Once the BMP team completes its work, the surveyed organization reviews and approves a draft of the report. Based on their approval, copies of the final report are distributed to representatives of government, industry, and academia throughout the country, and are entered in the BMP database.

The information in the reports is designed to help organizations evaluate their own processes by identifying, analyzing, and emulating the processes of organizations that excel in those areas.

SAE participated in the BMP survey process. A group of SAE programs: standards development, cooperative research, and conformity assessment (PRI - The Performance Review Institute), had their “best and unique” practices identified and surveyed. It was critical for SAE to benchmark its programs and practices for continuous improvement.