SAE Lean Enterprise Services

SAE's Lean Enterprise Services is a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to:

Assist the automotive and aerospace industries in the development, implementation, documentation and dissemination of lean enterprise principles and practices; and

Enhance the knowledge and professional ability of our engineering members to create, manage and utilize lean tools and methods.

Although lean enterprise approaches and practices have a common origin in the Toyota Product Development and Production Systems, an endless variety of implementation strategies are evolving throughout the mobility industries. As companies strive to adopt and adapt 'lean' to their unique circumstances, lean practices, models, and initiatives proliferate. From an industry-wide perspective, this proliferation of independent approaches threatens to confuse and obscure the inherent value of lean and result in:

  • redundant and inconsistent efforts throughout industry;
  • confusion as to best practices and implementation approaches;
  • multiple and sometimes conflicting requirements mandated down the supply chain.

By engaging industry consultants, corporate decision makers, and design and manufacturing engineers in a continuous dialogue on lean implementation, SAE Lean Enterprise Services exists to identify, develop, refine and document effective practices; and disseminate that knowledge to our engineering members and the corporations which employ them.


Lean Education and Training: SAE Seminars, Symposia, professional meetings, conferences, and distance education programs facilitate the rapid deployment of lean principles at all levels of the organization including: engineering design; manufacturing; business functions; and supply chain relationships.

SAE Learning to Think Lean Monthly Column

Lean Knowledge Products: SAE Technical Standards and Publications will develop, document and disseminate Lean Enterprise Case Studies, Consensus Best Practices in Lean Organizations, lean forums, books and monographs. As the lean landscape continues to evolve and lean enterprise knowledge grows, Lean Knowledge Products will document that evolution and provide constant access to new information and lean techniques.

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