SAE Membership

Levels of Professional Membership: Elite, Premium, and Classic

SAE offers three different levels of membership, so you can choose the one that best fits your individual needs: Elite, Premium, and Classic.

SAE Elite Membership
The Most Benefits and the Most Access to SAE Privileges
Are you actively looking to excel in your career as a mobility engineer? Do you like to take advantage of almost every opportunity to network with experts in your field? Then SAE's Elite Membership was made for you. With the most benefits, it offers the most discounts and the most privileges of any SAE membership option at $269 a year.

SAE Premium Membership
A Step Up in Benefits to Step Up Your Career
Do you plan on attending an SAE event and want information on technical standards? Our Premium Membership may be the perfect choice for your career. If you're proactive about getting the most up-to- date information and want to take advantage of SAE's networking and continuing education opportunities, then spending just $169 on our Premium Membership will be well worth the benefits.

SAE Classic Membership
A Basic Membership That's Anything But Basic
Our Classic Membership may be the less expensive choice, but you'll still get true membership privileges, such as timely information and the chance to connect with experts in mobility engineering. At just $89 a year, the Classic Membership offers many of SAE's membership benefits but without the higher discounts, multiple subscriptions or priority access that you'll find in the more advanced memberships.

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Phone: 1-724-776-4970
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Fax: 1-724-776-0790