SAE Membership

SAE Membership FAQs

Member Grades
There are six grades of membership in SAE:
Student Full-time college/university students pursuing studies leading to any associate, bachelor, masters, or doctoral degree.
Associate Anyone whose affiliation supports the objectives of SAE but does not meet the requirements for Member grade.
Member Established engineers, scientists, and other professionals who have a qualified college or university degree in engineering; or have the required equivalent years of technical education and professional technical experience; or have distinguished service and noteworthy accomplishments. Individuals with a Member grade are entitled to vote on matters submitted to a vote of the membership.
Fellow A prestigious grade established to recognize individuals for extraordinary leadership, creativity, and accomplishments in science, engineering, and technology covered by SAE. You must be nominated by other SAE members to be considered for this grade.
Honorary This grade is composed of the Past Presidents of SAE.
Joint Joint members are members from organizations with which SAE has a joint membership agreement.

Membership Levels
There are four levels of membership in SAE, one student and three professional:
Student Full-time college/university students pursuing studies leading to any associate, bachelor, masters, or doctoral degree.
Professional Membership Levels
All of SAE Membership levels offer benefits that help members further develop their career, stay current and make important connections.
Classic The basic membership level, this offers access to news and information at the lowest cost.
Premium This level gives a deeper discount on Professional Development courses, meetings, events and publications.
Elite This level is designed for members who want to receive the greatest discounts on all SAE publications, Professional Development training, meetings and events.

Corporate Memberships
SAE membership is designed for individuals only. We do not offer corporate memberships, however, companies can support SAE in many ways.

How Levels Relate to Grades of Membership
Grade: You are assigned a grade of membership: Student, Associate, or Member, based on your educational background, experience and level of engineering involvement.

Level: You can choose any level of membership depending on the amount of benefits you desire, regardless of your grade.

Length of SAE Membership
Your SAE membership is valid for twelve months. It expires at the end of the month in which you join, one year later.

Membership Dues
Early CareerDiscounted for first four years after graduation (see Student Member FAQs for details)

Discounted Rate Categories*
All members paying discounted rates receive Classic Level benefits.

*Definitions for Discounted Rate Categories
LifetimeWhen you have 40 years of paid membership, SAE will automatically change your membership to Lifetime. While you won't pay dues, you must still renew your membership annually.
RetiredWhen you are fully retired from industry and your age plus years of SAE membership service equals 75 or more.
UnemployedCurrent members in good standing who become temporarily unemployed can request this dues rate for up to two consecutive years. Contact Customer Service to request this option.

NOTES: Reduced dues, discounts, and unemployed rates are only available for members who have been paying full professional dues. All amounts are in US Dollars. Membership fees subject to change without notice.

Changing Your Grade From Associate to Member
Complete the membership grade change form online including your member number and click "Process my Form."

Changing Your Membership Level
You can upgrade the level of your membership (Classic, Premium, Elite) anytime throughout the year. You can only downgrade your level of membership at your renewal time.

Reduced dues: Retired or unemployed members receive Classic level benefits. They may upgrade to either the Premium or Elite levels by paying the balance of the dues for Classic level plus the difference in dues rates. Honorary or Lifetime members may upgrade to Premium or Elite levels by paying the difference in the dues rates. Contact SAE Customer Service for exact rates.

Automatic Renewal: Simplify your life and sign up for Automatic Renewal and we'll charge your credit card for your annual membership dues on your renewal date each year. You'll receive an email in advance of your renewal and be able to increase or decrease the level of your membership, update your contact information or stop automatic renewal at that time. You may upgrade your membership level any time throughout the year, but can only move to a lower level at renewal time.

Renewing Your Membership
Renew online
By fax: +1 724-776-0790
By mail: Make check payable to SAE (written in US dollars on a US bank) and mail with your completed application to SAE, (professional members) PO Box 791009, Baltimore, MD 21279-1009 USA or (student members) PO Box 79572. Please include your member number on the check.

Questions? Contact SAE Customer Service
Phone:877-606-7323 (US & Canada)
+1 724-776-4970 (outside US & Canada)
Fax:+1 724-776-0790

Getting Answers About Your Membership
My SAE - Find your member number, learn when your membership expires, renew or upgrade your membership, change your user ID or password, update your personal information (address, phone, email, school/employer, etc.), transfer to professional membership, print your membership card.

MyAccount - Find the status of an order, your account history & any available credits on your account.

My eLibrary - Find any content you've downloaded from SAE (technical papers and standards coming soon) or search the SAE bookstore.

Can't find what you need? Contact SAE Customer Service.

Graduating Students - Early Career
Students who transfer to professional membership within twelve months of graduation qualify for reduced dues for the first four years:
Early career 1st year$0
Early career 2nd year$40
Early career 3rd year$55
Early career 4th year$75
Early career 5th year$95

What is SAE?
SAE International is a the premier society of engineers and practitioners dedicated to advancing mobility technology to better serve humanity. SAE is committed to relevant, timely consensus for technical standards and life-long learning. SAE organizes meetings and events, produces technical publications (including papers, standards, books, magazines), offers professional development and training courses and provides invaluable networking opportunities. For more information, go to the About SAE page.

SAE Customer Service
Phone:877-606-7323 (US & Canada)
+1 724-776-4970 (outside US & Canada)
Fax:+1 724-776-0790