What Members Are Saying About SAE

I may be retired but I am still interested!
"I may be retired but I am still interested in what's going on for advancing mobility in all forms.

Through the years I have received an enormous amount of technical information from SAE Handbooks, journals and special reports. I currently receive Automotive Engineering International, Aerospace Engineering & Manufacturing, and Off-Highway Engineering magazines.

SAE is great! Many thanks to all!"

Mark J. Biondich
M J Biondich Inc.

From Student to Professional Membership - great career move!
"My involvement with SAE began about 3 years ago with a relatively small SAE Club at the Delhi College of Engineering. Since then, it has been hard to ascertain who has grown faster - the chapter or myself! My association with SAE completely changed my scope of vision and gave me a tremendous exposure to the automotive industry and it's key players in India and abroad. All this kindled a latent desire to carve out a career for myself in the automotive sector.

I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to this esteemed organization and its respected commanders in India and abroad for providing me such a solid foundation to prosper my career."

Nakul Gupta
Product Engineer
Ford India Limited

Helped to advance my career
"It's a real way to broaden yourself with the practical and standards side of engineering/management. My involvement with SAE has absolutely helped to advance my career. It has given me great exposure to many other engineers/managers in the various committee meetings, and councils. It has given me more of an appreciation for what career opportunities are available."

Dr. Kenneth M. Rosen
Corporate President
Concepts ETI, Inc

Continuous Learning!
"I look back at my 33-years of Engineering career and ask myself, what is the single most important factor that has contributed to my job satisfaction and career development? The answer is very clear in my mind - continuous learning. A significant part of this learning has come through reading, writing, and presenting SAE papers. I can't imagine an engineering career without active involvement in this learning process."

Dr. Syed M. Shahed
Vice President
Products & Systems
Honeywell Inc.

Unparalleled Personal and Professional Development Opportunity
"SAE offers unparalleled personal and professional development opportunity. As a systems society, the focus of SAE provides a wide breadth of technical exposure. SAE provides technical information to stay current, professional training to get better, personal development to grow individually, and the opportunity to meet and work with people from other companies and other industries.

SAE has directly and substantively enhanced my organizational skills, my communication skills, my management skills and my team building capability. I am deeply indebted to SAE for all it has provided to me."

Neil A. Schilke
General Director of Engineering and Product Planning
GM of Canada Ltd.

Technologically Competent and Managerially Capable!
"As an SAE Member I became involved in meetings and shared experience with others. More importantly, I was inspired to write and present the knowledge that I had gained. This public participation made others aware of what I did, how I did it, and what I had learned. So I became recognized on two fronts; technologically competent and managerially capable."

Stephen D. Burdette
Production Safety and Regulation
CNH Global N.V.

The Networks that SAE can Open Up are Priceless!
"If you want to fully understand the industry, you must have the chance to talk to, and to understand, your competitors, your regulators, your suppliers, your allies, and your critics. SAE was responsible for helping me make the critical contacts that allowed for a global understanding of the lead issues in the automotive industry. SAE's perspective can give you access to people, opportunity for leadership, and a chance to reach outside of your envelope. SAE members come from the many different facets of the transportation industry, and the networks that SAE can open up are priceless."

Dr. Donald G. Hillebrand
Technical Affairs

Join SAE and Get Involved!
"Join SAE and get involved. It provides many opportunities to learn things, to broaden one's technical and non-technical skills, to meet others, and to network. It is also fun!"

Gerald S. Jakubowski, Ph.D., P.E.
College of Science and Engineering
Loyola Marymount University

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