2012 Salary Study and Salary Calculator

Location, Location, Location: SAE International Study Shows Engineer Salaries, Employment Prospects Improve in 2012

New SAE International Salary Study reveals that while employment conditions for mobility engineers have improved around the world during the past two years, changes in salary are mixed depending on where you work.

Want to know what you would make if you relocated? Or moved from automotive into aerospace? Or OEM to tier 1 supplier? Use the 2012 SAE International Salary Survey Calculator to find out! Just enter the variables (location, industry, experience, education, etc.) and we'll tell you what people are making and where!

The 2012 SAE International Salary Survey provides this essential information absolutely FREE. Just click HERE to download the entire survey (registration required).

Salary Survey Calculator

The 2012 SAE International Salary Study is the only survey of its kind to explore levels and changes in compensation and employment for technical employees in the automotive, aerospace, and commercial vehicle industries. This second biannual study is based on an email survey issued to 55,000 mobility engineers and related technical employees around the world. Survey recipients were both members and non-members of SAE International. They were asked a series of 30 questions about their industry, company, educational backgrounds, job responsibilities, compensation, retirement, ethnicity, and more. Out of the initial sample, 5,628 answered the survey, resulting in an optimal margin of error of +/- 1.3% with a 95% confidence level.