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Our Successful Members

To commemorate Engineers Week, SAE International is shining the spotlight on a few of our most amazing and talented members. Their individual accomplishments and shared spirit of volunteerism exemplifies some of the reasons why SAE International has been going strong for more than 100 years. This week, SAE International would like to thank these members, and the thousands of others around the globe, for being an important part of our unique organization.

Edward Kasprzak Edward Kasprzak

SAE Member for 22 years

Dr. Edward Kasprzak has nearly two decades of experience consulting and teaching in the field of automobile vehicle dynamics engineering. In 2014, he established his personal consulting company, EMK Vehicle Dynamics LLC and has been an Associate at Milliken Research Associates, Inc. since 1996. Edward has worked with professional motorsports teams, auto manufacturers, OEM suppliers, universities, and on government projects. He has also been a very active member of SAE International.

Edward's relationship with SAE first began as a Student Member in the 90s when he competed in the Collegiate Design Series (CDS) competitions, Formula SAE and Mini Baja (now Baja SAE). He went on to serve as a mentor for the Buffalo SUNY SAE Collegiate Chapter for several years, later becoming a Baja SAE and SAE Clean Snowmobile Faculty Advisor, co-founder and co-director of the Formula SAE Tire Test Consortium and a Formula SAE Design Judge. He also is a participant of SAE's Industrials Lecture Series and has given 16 lectures since 2007. His volunteerism and support of both CDS and the lecture series continues to this day. "I really enjoy interacting with students and fellow volunteers through my involvement as a design judge and lecturer," he notes. "Everywhere I find students who are sharp, hard-working, dedicated, and engaged. It's inspiring."

In addition to his efforts with CDS and the Industrial Lecture Series, Edward also has reviewed SAE technical papers, participated on the organizing committee for the SAE Motorsports Engineering Conference, co-authored portions and/or verified math in three SAE books, and authored several SAE papers. With all of these different activities, it is natural to wonder what he likes the most about being an SAE Member. "SAE Membership allows the broadest possible experiences in my field," Edward proclaims. "We all need external influences to continue growing and learning, especially since engineering is an ever-advancing and evolving field."

Of course, all of this hard work has earned Edward some well-deserved recognition. Over the years, he has received the SAE Excellence in Engineering Education Award, the University at Buffalo Graduate School Excellence in Teaching Award and a U.S. Department of Transportation Dwight D. Eisenhower Doctoral Fellowship. He also was named an SAE Doctoral Scholar and Professor of the Year from the University at Buffalo's New York Nu Chapter of Tau Beta Pi. So, what advice would this accomplished professional give the next generation of engineers? He points out that "An equation in a book never solved a single problem, it takes a person to bring that equation to life, understand its limitations and apply it properly." Then, there's the need to communicate your ideas and results with engineers and non-engineers alike,"" he adds. "I believe young professionals can quicken their development by actively trying to appreciate and improve upon these human aspects of being an engineer." [Excellent advice, Edward.]

Dave McCagg Dave McCagg

SAE Member for 34 years

Dave McCagg began his career in the mobility industry at the U.S. wheel manufacturer, Kelsey-Hayes Company, and is a self-proclaimed "proud retiree" from Ford Motor Company. While he enjoyed his lengthy and impressive tenure in the automotive arena, he admits he is grateful now to be able to volunteer more than ever before. In addition to giving back to the Motor City through his work with the Detroit Sport Authority, a division of the Detroit Visitors and Convention Bureau, he also serves as a volunteer at the Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix and the Sports Club Car of America Technical Inspection. And if that weren't enough, he still manages to find time to continue his long-standing support of several SAE International's initiatives.

Over the years, Dave has participated in a number of different SAE activities including serving on the Standing Wheel Committee, the Wheel Balance Weight Sub-Committee and Working Group, and the Formula SAE Organizing Committee. He also contributed to the development of various automotive standards and technical papers, and volunteered for the Collegiate Design Series (CDS) competition, Formula SAE, as well as the organization's A World in Motion (AWIM) program. "It is very rewarding help young people, through AWIM, understand technical concepts we learned decades ago," says Dave. "And it is fantastic to see how CDS has been instrumental in placing a great number of technical people in the automotive industry and to know that we [volunteers] had a small part in that success."

A certified Six Sigma Green Belt, Dave has always been a forward-thinking individual. His efforts to help integrate aluminum wheels in the industry is testament to that fact. So when asked to impart some words of wisdom to Young Professionals, he said "Although you may be tempted to devote your life to the pursuit of your career, always make time for your family and friends." [We agree completely. Thanks Dave.]

Alba Colon Alba Colon

SAE Member for 22 years

Alba Colon is the Chevrolet Racing Program Manager of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series for GM. Under her charge, Chevrolet has garnered 248 race wins, 10 driver's championships, and 13 Manufacturers' Cup awards. In addition to being an extremely accomplished engineer, she is a pioneering woman who both encourages and inspires other women to also achieve their dreams.

Her admiration for astronaut Sally Ride strongly influenced Alba's interest in math and science, ultimately leading to her pursuit of an engineering degree. However, she credits her participation in SAE's Collegiate Design Series (CDS) competition, Formula SAE, in 1991 as the impetus for her ultimate career calling. "Through the CDS program, SAE introduced me to the mobility industry that was unknown to me when I was growing up," says Colon. "Also, it allowed me to grow in another area that is very important to me: giving back to the community."

Even at the very onset of her burgeoning career, Alba was indeed, giving back. She went directly from a competitor at Formula SAE to serving as an organizer, judge and various other volunteer roles; a trend that continues to this day. She currently is a member of SAE International's Board of Directors, Membership Board, Chair of the Young Professionals/Students Subgroup, and Chair of the SAE Foundation's Women's Giving Circle Steering Committee. She also is a member of the Comite Deportivo de Univision Deportes, participates on the leadership board of the Pink and Blue for Two Organization and is a sought-after speaker for universities, motorsports promotions, engineering seminars, inner city youth activities, and several other programs and organizations.

Alba has been featured in various media channels over the years and is the recipient of many honors including SAE's Edward N. Cole Distinguished Younger Member Award -- Detroit, Lyn St. James Women's in the Winner Circle Foundation's C&R Women in Engineering Award, and NASCAR Diversity Affairs' Industry Ambassador Award, and several others. But even with all of these accolades under her belt, when asked what professional accomplishment she is the most proud of, she says: "The opportunity to work with an extraordinary group of engineers that have been able to deliver many Driver's and Manufacturers' Championships. I have the best job in the world at General Motors and to have the chance to work with the latest technologies and to help not only our teams, but the rest of the company, keep themselves ahead of the competition, it makes me proud." [We are proud of you too, Alba.]

Cliff Stover Cliff Stover

SAE Member for 8 years

Cliff Stover is a Professor of Mechanical Engineers and Director of the Engineering Project Development Laboratory at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. He has 20 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, analysis, testing, and inspection of mechanical systems. Throughout his career, he has been involved in a wide range of projects, such as accident reconstruction, failure analysis, patent infringement, and product liability. Prior to his appointment at Cal Poly, he served stints as a design engineer, mold maker, and auto mechanic.

Since he was 12 years old, Cliff has been an avid motorsports enthusiast, which includes participating in numerous motocross, Supersport 750CC road racing, endurance kart racing, and shifter kart spring racing events. He is still very active in the sport and at the present time, races veterans class off-road desert motorcycle classes in AMA District 37.

With his extensive background in, and obvious love for, motorsports, it should come as no surprise that Cliff has served as a Faculty Advisor for SAE's Collegiate Design Series (CDS) events. Since becoming an advisor back in 1995, he has both advised and attended every Formula SAE and SAE Baja event. In the past 20 years, he has participated in a total of more than 40 events, including international venues in Canada, England, Italy, and Germany.

Cliff is a licensed professional engineer in California, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Florida and also has National Licensure NCEES with Model Law Engineering designation. He was named Advisor of the Year by the College of Engineering, Cal Poly Pomona and was twice named Advisor/Professor of the Year by SAE International.

Monika Ivantysynova Monika Ivantysynova

SAE Member for 10 years

Dr. Monika Ivantysynova is Maha Professor Fluid Power Systems, Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University. In 2014, Monika was named an SAE International Fellow, which is the organization's most prestigious membership grade. She received this honor for her outstanding achievements in fluid power research, developing energy efficient systems for mobile vehicle applications.

Monika's involvement with SAE extends well beyond being a Fellow. Over the years, she has been active in many other fronts including serving as Chairman and Co-Chair of the Fluid Power Committee, acting as Organizer of Technical Sessions for the Fluid Power Technical Committee at several of SAE's Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress & Exhibitions (Comvec), organizing a Comvec Hydraulic Hybrid Technical Session Roundtable, and participating on the SidOlson Award Committee. "I get a lot out of my SAE Membership because I am able to meet a lot interesting people, make new contacts, gain helpful information, and participate in great discussions," says Monika. Most recently, she was named to the SAE Fellows Committee and will serve a three-year term, helping SAE select the incoming classes of Fellows.

Her contributions to the advancement on pump and motor efficiency and pump and motor modeling enabling virtual prototyping of pumps and motors has resulted in many papers, presentations, patents, and research contracts. She also has given more than 30 keynote speeches on her research concerning displacement controlled actuation, hybrid transmissions, and pump and motors at international conferences and industrial forums.

Monika's impressive list of honors stretches back to 1978 when she won first prize in a national student competition in Mechanical Engineering in Czechoslovakia. Since then, some of her many achievements include earning Best Paper medals and awards at numerous international conferences, receiving the Japan Fluid Power System Distinguished Service Award, being awarded the Joseph Bramah Medal by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, and receiving the Honorary Doctorate Doctor Honoris Causa from Slovak Technical University Bratislava in the Slovak Republic.

Monika also is credited with establishing the first journal dedicated entirely to fluid power 15 years ago, the International Journal of Fluid Power. She is still serving as editor-in-chief today and is extremely pleased that the journal recently went to a new publisher. "I am very happy that my hard work lead to a success story and that the journal is now available online," she says. [Nicely done, Monika.]