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Edward Kasprzak

Edward Kasprzak

SAE Member for 22 years

Dr. Edward Kasprzak has nearly two decades of experience consulting and teaching in the field of automobile vehicle dynamics engineering. In 2014, he established his personal consulting company, EMK Vehicle Dynamics LLC and has been an Associate at Milliken Research Associates, Inc. since 1996. Edward has worked with professional motorsports teams, auto manufacturers, OEM suppliers, universities, and on government projects. He has also been a very active member of SAE International.

Edward's relationship with SAE first began as a Student Member in the 90s when he competed in the Collegiate Design Series (CDS) competitions, Formula SAE and Mini Baja (now Baja SAE). He went on to serve as a mentor for the Buffalo SUNY SAE Collegiate Chapter for several years, later becoming a Baja SAE and SAE Clean Snowmobile Faculty Advisor, co-founder and co-director of the Formula SAE Tire Test Consortium and a Formula SAE Design Judge. He also is a participant of SAE's Industrials Lecture Series and has given 16 lectures since 2007. His volunteerism and support of both CDS and the lecture series continues to this day. "I really enjoy interacting with students and fellow volunteers through my involvement as a design judge and lecturer," he notes. "Everywhere I find students who are sharp, hard-working, dedicated, and engaged. It's inspiring."

In addition to his efforts with CDS and the Industrial Lecture Series, Edward also has reviewed SAE technical papers, participated on the organizing committee for the SAE Motorsports Engineering Conference, co-authored portions and/or verified math in three SAE books, and authored several SAE papers. With all of these different activities, it is natural to wonder what he likes the most about being an SAE Member. "SAE Membership allows the broadest possible experiences in my field," Edward proclaims. "We all need external influences to continue growing and learning, especially since engineering is an ever-advancing and evolving field."

Of course, all of this hard work has earned Edward some well-deserved recognition. Over the years, he has received the SAE Excellence in Engineering Education Award, the University at Buffalo Graduate School Excellence in Teaching Award and a U.S. Department of Transportation Dwight D. Eisenhower Doctoral Fellowship. He also was named an SAE Doctoral Scholar and Professor of the Year from the University at Buffalo's New York Nu Chapter of Tau Beta Pi. So, what advice would this accomplished professional give the next generation of engineers? He points out that "An equation in a book never solved a single problem, it takes a person to bring that equation to life, understand its limitations and apply it properly." Then, there's the need to communicate your ideas and results with engineers and non-engineers alike,"" he adds. "I believe young professionals can quicken their development by actively trying to appreciate and improve upon these human aspects of being an engineer." [Excellent advice, Edward.]

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