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Donald Stanton

Donald Stanton

SAE Member for 11 years

Donald Stanton is the Director of Engine Business Product Line Architecture at Cummins Inc. In this role, he focuses on engine business strategy, product planning, and advanced technology development with the goal of leveraging principles of engine standardization, planned customization, and re-use. During his years at Cummins, Stanton has also held positions in Research and Technology as Director of Advanced Engine Development, Advanced Engineering as Program Leader for Automotive Applications, Thermal and Fluid Sciences as Director of Combustion Research, and Midrange Engineering CPE and Mechanical Development. He received Bachelor of Science degrees in Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering, Master's degrees in Chemistry (1995) and Mechanical Engineering (1995), and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering (1997).

Stanton was also the 2013 recipient of the L. Ray Buckendale Lecture Award, which is an annual lecture that deals with automotive ground vehicles for on- or off-road operation in either commercial or military service. The intent is to provide procedures and data useful in formulating solutions in commercial vehicle design, manufacture, operation, and maintenance.