Graduating Students - Transfer to Professional Membership

Networking is one of the most critical resources for developing your career and SAE is your best tool for making these connections!

Who you know - and who knows you - makes a huge difference in every stage of your career. Building your professional network isn't just adding friends to your Facebook page. You need a plan that is proactive, flexible and continual. That's where SAE comes in.

Members of SAE have many ways to meet the right people - and develop important skills that increase your value as an employee. Check out the many opportunities available at SAE Volunteer Central.

Professional Membership - Classic Level
As part of our commitment to you, we've made it more affordable than ever to belong to SAE in your early career years! Transfer to professional membership within 12 months of your graduation and you'll qualify for reduced rates at the Classic level for your first 4 years.

Increase your benefits even more! Consider upgrading to either the Premium or Elite levels to receive even more benefits!

Membership Options for Your Early Career Years
Year After Graduation Classic level Premium level Elite level
1st Year $20 $154 $249
2nd Year $35 $154 $249
3rd Year $50 $154 $249
4th Year $65 $154 $249
5th Year $79 $154 $249

Ready? Transfer to professional membership now.