SAE Forums


Anyone can enter the Public Forums. The Team Forums were established as private areas in which the SAE Committees can conduct committee activities.

Log in

Open your web-browser.
Enter the web address -
Go to the SAE Home Page;;
from the QUICKLINKS select Access Forums.

In either case you will be prompted to log in with your SAE web site userid and password.


User id and password required to access. The forum(s) listed under Teams are the ones you participate in.

Team Members

To obtain a member list, click on Team Members and enter the Roster Options area at the top of the Team Member page. Rosters can include mail listing, sorted by alpha or role code, and address information.

Adding a Document

  1. Click on the linked title of the forum or team that you want to contain your document.
  2. Click on the Add toolbar item, and click on Add.... menu item for the type of entry you want to create (for example, "Add Document").
  3. Fill out the form and click the OK button.
    For a topic, you type text; for a document, you use a Browse button to upload a file;
    for a URL, you specify a web address ("http://...");
    for a survey, you specify choices for voting ("Yes," "No," "Abstain").

To View New or Modified Entries

Click on the "List Unseen" toolbar item.
Click on a linked number to see a list of unseen entries in a forum, then click on the linked title to see it's top folder.
Click on the "List titles of unseen entries" link to include entry titles in the list (this may take a few minutes).

Setting Up Forum Tracker

  1. Click on Tracker from the main menu
  2. Under Configure click on �Select Local Forums to be Tracked.'
    This will bring up a list of all SAE forums,

Setting Up a Business Card

  1. Click on your name on the Main page.
  2. Click on Modify Profile to update your personal information to be seen by team members.
    To add a photo: have a scan image or digital photo in a gif or jpg format on your hard drive. Use the 'Browse' button to locate file and upload to include with your profile. Refer to Figure B.1-1.
  3. Click on OK at bottom of page.


Click on Search Forum.
To specify additional criteria (such as the entry's author, keywords, or creation/modification date), click on the Advanced Search Form link above the "Search text" text box, in the upper-right corner.