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User Filters

Through the use of filtering and sorting, Forum allows you to view various groupings of entries according to data most important to you. The settings you choose to filter or sort entries by effect your view only. The settings that are being used when you exit the forum remain in place when you return.

When you use lowercase text, the search service finds both upper and lowercase results. When you use upper case text, the search service finds only upper case. Example: When you search for paris, you'll find Paris, paris, and PARIS in your result pages. However, when you search for Paris, you will see only Paris in the result pages.

Including or excluding words:
To make sure that a specific word is always included in your search topic, place the plus ( + ) symbol before the key word in the search box.
To make sure that a specific word is always excluded from your search topic, place a minus ( - ) sign before the keyword in the search box.
Example: To find recipes for cookies with oatmeal but without raisins, try entering the following: recipe cookie +oatmeal -raisin.

Expand your search using wildcards ( * ):
By typing an asterisk ( * ) at the end of a keyword, you can search for the word with multiple endings.
Example: Try wish*, to find wish, wishes, wishful, wishbone, and wishy-washy.


Set Personal Display Options

You can set the way entries are displayed on your forums page.

Go to Tools and click on Display Options.You are able to:
"Set the number of entries listed per page": 10, 25, 50, 100
"Show replies": None, Unseen, All
"Show contents of each entry": Yes, No

display options